Indiegogo Album Fundraising Campaign is finished – You can still contribute to the album creation!

Dear Friends, Wow, what an amazing album fundraising campaign this has been! We raised over $19,000 towards the albums creation and I am so very grateful! Folks are still wondering how they can get involved and here is how:

All the perks that are listed on my indiegogo site are still available and all you need to do is send an e-mail to: and we will give you the information about how to contribute!

All money raised will go towards the costs of promoting the new album (Publicists, Music Videos, Touring etc.)

Here is a lovely letter written by some wonderful supporters:

We’ve been blessed, (and blissed!), by Brenda McMorrow and her music, and consider our contribution to her next CD as an investment in the development of “sacred humans”  who inhabit this Earth.
We invite others to consider the Indiegogo campaign as an opportunity to co-create a sound current that will inspire, nourish and bless individuals and communities in our ripening age.
Your gift will enable the Beauty of Brenda’s music to create the change we all wish to see in the world, and ask that you allow your giving to be whole-hearted, enthusiastic, and generous.
Thank you, and shine on!

Momentum Group Inc,
London, Canada



Some short peeks into new songs that are being considered for the new album! 

(filmed during Bhakti Bliss at Kripalu this past 

New Year’s Eve)

Maha Lakshmi - Help support the Creation of Brenda McMorrow's new album!

Maha Lakshmi

Brenda McMorrow at Kripalu - Ganapati


…and please enjoy the video my latest Single release from White Swan Records!

Hanuman Chalisa (Windblown Version) 

by Brenda McMorrow (Official Music Video)

More about the Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign!

Brenda McMorrow's Indiegogo Album Fundraiser

Brenda McMorrow’s Indiegogo Album Fundraiser

We are living in truly transformational times. The concept of “crowd funding”, in which groups of people come together to bring something they love into being, is remarkable and one of the new ways of creating art, inspiration and social change.

If you would love to get involved, there are a variety of levels of support that you can take part in, with special gifts for you associated with each one! (All the support levels will receive a download on the day of contribution for my brand new “Hanuman Chalisa” single!)

The healing, uplifting, transformative effect of Kirtan music is powerful and just what the world needs right now!

Any way in which you can share this campaign with friends (through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc.) would be wonderful!  Your participation in bringing more of this music into being is deeply appreciated!

Campaign Website:

As always, thank you..

Bright Star

Brenda’s Web-SiteBright Star Live Events




It is a beautiful day in Lindau – true Bhakti bliss…

It is a beautiful day here in Lindau, an island on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Bavaria, Germany.  I’m at a cafe near the harbour where a lovely light house stands beside groups of people excitedly boarding a small ferry for a tour across the lake. The feeling in my heart is of happiness and gratitude as I prepare to head back over the venue for this year’s Bhakti Yoga Summer Yoga and Chant Festival. Last night I had the great pleasure of joining my friend and big inspiration on this Bhakti path, David Newman for his amazing Kirtan! Hundreds of people opening their hearts in joy and connection – wow, a divine evening!!


Philippo Franchini, myself and Emy Berti


Sound check with Martin Hinze, David Newman, Philippo Franchini and Emy Berti

This afternoon I will share Kirtan with our beloved festival goers. More soon!!!

Newsletter: Bhakti in Europe & beyond/ New Video with David Darling…

Dear Friends,
I hope that this finds you happy and well! I am feeling such joy and gratitude as I write to you from Milan, Italy as we relax here today after our event at the beautiful “Be Yoga” last night.
My European tour began this past weekend with beautiful gatherings in Santa Cruz de TenerifeSpain, andBrescia and Milano, Italy. What a joy it is to see the love and devotion alive and well in Spain and Italy!
I am touring now with the divine Italian Kirtan singer Emy Berti and tonight we will travel to Morbegno, Italy; Vienna, Austria; and Kempten and finishing at Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival in Lindau, Germany.
When I return to North America, I’m excited to be joining the fabulous GuruGanesha Singh for a few songs during his London, ON and Toronto tour dates! I will also be doing a tour with the wonderful percussionist and Kirtan singerNarada Wise (Girish, David Newman) through PA, OH, MI and WI on our way to Bhakti Fest Midwest in Madison!
In July I will return to Italy for the amazing Bliss Beat Festival and in August I have the pleasure of joiningShyamdas and Adam Bauer for a special weekend Bhakti Retreat on Wolfe Island, ON.
In December, John deKadt and I will lead a “Rainforest Rhythm and Song” Retreat in Costa Rica!
And this JUST in!! New Year’s will see me joining David Newman and Sean Johnson at Kripalu’s Bhakti Bliss New Year’s Kirtan Celebration! (more details to follow soon!)
I hope that we will get to sing together at some point (or many points!) throughout 2012!
Much love and gratitude,

New Video for “Sri Ma” by Robert Kingsbury
We are so excited to share this brand new video which features Grammy Award Winning cellist David Darling for the song Sri Ma from my album Love Abounds!
“Sri Ma” – Brenda McMorrow and David Darling

Bhakti Yoga Summer, Lindau, Germany

I am excited to be singing again at this year’s Bhakti Yoga Summer in Lindau, Bodensee, Germany! Join me in an immersion of body, mind and heart as we relax and rejuvenate, dance and devote, connect and expand, have fun and just be…

To receive a special discount on a three-day or single-day BYS Festival pass, please send e-mail and use my personal promo code: brendamcmorrow

GuruGanesha Singh is an inspiring and heart-centered performer who I have such gratitude and admiration for!! He has asked me to join him as a guest singer for his June 8 appearance in Toronto and June 10 in London, ON!
Bhakti Fest is expanding to Madison, WI and I’m so pleased to be there with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, David Newman, Donna DeLory and more!
Bhakti Fest Midwest
Bliss Beat Festival in Alessandria, Italy

Join us in beautiful Italy for the 2012 Bliss Beat Festival featuring David Newman, Dave Stringer, Emy Berti, Wah! and more!!
Bliss Beat
2011 Bliss Beat I had the joy of singing with Jai Uttal

Wolfe Island, ON
I will be offering a very special retreat in Costa Rica in early December with the multi-talented John deKadt!
2012 Dates 
in Canada, U.S., Europe, Costa Rica:
For my complete tour schedule please visit
Friends Doing Fabulous Things!

Emy Berti is a glorious Kirtan singer who is featured on Wayne Dyer’s new DVD “Experiencing the Miraculous”

Mike Cohen is an inspiring Kirtan Leader and Coach who offers a fun and empowering program for developing Kirtan Leaders.
  • To find out more about his Kirtan Leader Coaching program contact Mike for a free 30 minute consultation via phone (614.260.9711