How is everything in “the Kingdom”?

Go gently with yourselves.

You might find yourself among the growing number of people who are genuinely asking “What the heck is going on?”

I know it’s crazy hard to start coming to the realization that things may not be entirely what they seem (or as simple as we would have liked things to be).

Perhaps your intuition is telling you “not all is right in the kingdom”. Perhaps you are feeling duped by powers we’ve been told have our best interests at heart or by the conditioning we’ve ALL been subject to over a lifetime.

But what if we think of it as an unveiling of truth instead? Like a bright light being shone on the contents of a dark, scary basement (that secretly we always knew was there). When we see what’s there we can address it. We can liberate from the fear and avoidance. (both of which are heavy burdens to bear).

If you’re finding yourself struggling with some stark revelations, know you’re not alone.

Let’s lay down our firmly held beliefs in favour of transparency, listening, contemplation, discussion; community coming together – regardless of personal choices – to stand for love, for truth, and for freedom (within and without).

Hopefully this post can be one small part in your stepping into more truth for yourself (whatever that is and however that looks). It’s a whirlwind out there so don’t forget to Breathe and know you are infinitely held beyond what your mind can comprehend.

Under the chaos, all IS actually well in the kingdom

Can I welcome judgement and misunderstanding rather than resist?

The search for understanding – for being understood by others – keeps us in bondage.

I know it all too well.

“If only I could explain properly. If only I could express clearly enough so they can see my point of view etc. etc.”

These never really get me anywhere. They do serve to strengthen my sense of separation, however. And right about now, that is probably the last thing I need. What if I can soften into the realm of “not knowing” a place where there are no fixed prescriptions, no absolutes; a place where love and compassion rule and I bow down in service to that? What if I can allow the judgement of others towards me in the same way I allow the wind to blow against my face. These things will happen anyway, and my choice is to resist or allow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of trying to be understood.

Others, even those closest to me, may not get my concerns or my viewpoint nor agree with how life is moving me. They may be in pain because of it. I’ll wish to soothe their pain (and my own), I’ll wish they could come to even just consider my point of view so that there could be peace between us. But the effort which that requires is draining and, frankly, futile.

Trying to convince or explain in the face of another’s firmly held point of view only serves to strengthen the division between us. What if my energy could flow to WELCOMING judgement and misunderstanding?

Radical, I know, but a practice to consider.

Perhaps this will somehow soften the fixity within them and (more importantly) within me and create the possibility for a natural openness to arise between us. I can show up in the truth of each moment and breathe. What if the antidote to fear is love and the antidote to misunderstanding is compassion? Could I access those in times of great conflict? I’ll try. Want to join me?

Become the Antidote

As all that seems life-depleting rather than life-enhancing reaches a fever pitch, it is tempting to give up.

But KEEP ON, my friend.

Your part in this is pivotal and holy.

What if you realize that the only one you can be truly sure of changing and healing is YOU, and do just that.

As Teal Swan says:

“The empowerment that you do have in what is happening in the world is to be part of the solution to the actual root of what is happening in the world today. This means you must seek the root. You must become the antidote to the root dysfunction that you see in the world. For example, if you see that the root of the way people are behaving is fear, then see that the antidote to fear is understanding and love. You must put more effort into understanding everyone and everything than you have ever put forth before. And you must make the conscious choice to love, which is to include others as a part of yourself. If you see that the root of the polarization in the world is the perception of separation, become a uniting force. Awaken to Oneness yourself. If you see that cruelty is what created the trauma that created the zero sum game behaviour between people in the world, become radically kind and devote yourself to finding a win-win with all other things in existence. … Consider your behaviour to be a demonstrative vote for how you want the world to be like. Cast your vote consciously. The future of humanity is being voted on by your thoughts, words and actions today. Find the root. What is the antidote to that root? Become that antidote.” #becometheantidote#loveandunderstanding

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“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final”. I love this quote by Rilke. So many of us have been frozen and hardened by fear. It is challenging to rise from that place especially when a troubling situation (such as what we have all been finding ourselves in) triggers a childhood trauma or a deep dark anxiety or fear. But if we remember that all things shift and change, maybe we can hold more lightly our opinions, our judgements and our need for things to make perfect sense. Maybe we can allow the damaging effects of a bombardment of fear messaging on repeat, to dissolve. Maybe we can begin to see things more clearly and begin inquiring. Truly inquiring. What if our opinions can change in the light of new information; what if we can ask that friend who is privy to good information that is not being shown on the m a i n stream to share with us. Maybe it’s time to take a long, deep breath and lay down the swords of defence and fear. Open, soften. Just keep going. No feeling is final.

Gratitude for the Inquiring minds and hearts

This is a message of great gratitude to all who are fearlessly self-reflecting and healing; all who are asking questions that may arise within them even when they’re encouraged not to; who open broadly to information (and intuition) even when it conflicts with their own held beliefs; who recognize that things always change and evolve; who are courageous when they’re scared; who love to know the whole story not just one side; who seek to love and forgive even when they feel self-righteous and contracted; who prefer to be kind over being right; and to those who are stepping into an inquiring space (inner and outer) despite all pressure against it. You all rock my world and, in my humble opinion, this is how loving change in our world happens and peace prevails.Thank YOU!

Returning to a place of knowing in the Heart

How can I return to a place of knowing within my heart? 

Which steps can I take to cultivate connection, openness, stillness, softness in my day?

Can I notice where I might be “defending” my own decisions by condemning the decisions of others? How might I take more responsibility for my own choices and rest back into the diversity of the flow of life?

Can I begin to notice where fear and trauma may have led me to temporarily shut down my inquiring mind, my curious nature, my ability to reason independently and think critically?

Can I be gentle with myself about that and begin to open back up?

Where do I hold tightly to a belief or ideology because it gives me a sense of security, something solid to steady me? Are there “catch phrases” I’ve heard that are on repeat within me? Can I notice how they may have replaced my own independent inquiry? Can I find gentler ways to feel the safety of my own soul?

How can I return to a place of knowing within my heart? 

Which steps can I take to cultivate connection, openness, stillness, softness in my day?

Right now I can simply 


a deep 

breath …

And remember that nothing is set in stone, everything changes and right now, here I am, free to breathe, to choose, to Love and to BE.