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Questions we can ask ourselves to encourage love and compassion

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

For many of us, there is a growing awareness of the Untruths that have been ruling our societies for a long time and that are coming to a crescendo at this point in history. We are catching on to the fact that not all beings (many of them in positions of “authority”) have the best interests of ALL as a priority- in fact, quite the opposite. We are starting to see how we may have been willfully blind and potentially complicit to things that are life-depleting rather than life-giving for our human and planetary family.

We see the deliberate confusion laden into our information sources.

How do we meet this shocking and disorienting state of affairs with strength, courage, love, compassion and wisdom?

First: we forgive ourselves.

Then we can ask: How can I now uncover and tap into the the life-giving, open and available source of pure Being for everything that I think, say and do? (Sounds like a big question but just put it out there and let the answer come without having to think too hard!)

If we reflect and inquire within- HONESTLY – we will be able to start meeting the world from a place that can promote healing and beauty within and without. Here are some questions we can ask ourselves:

How can I take care of my inner realm in such a way that the love and compassion that is natural to me (and to all of us) guides my actions?

What are the practices I can incorporate into my day, to nourish and encourage this natural state to emerge with clarity no matter what the outer world presents to me?

What do I need to give attention to that is wounded within me so that I don’t continue to project it into others?

What is my heart wanting to tell me?

I wish you all the highest blessings and offer my gratitude to you as you do your part in bringing love, awareness and healing to yourself and then, in turn, to the world.

How do we show up in these times?

It is our job now, our calling, to purify our minds and our hearts.

How else can we show up but with strength and courage and clarity in a time when those qualities are so greatly needed? Look at what we see occurring in our outer world. The intense, bewildering nature of it is high. What can you as an individual do?

I have a few suggestions:Firstly, it is essential that You as an individual expression of Divinity BE THAT EXPRESSION. It is that simple. BE the unique expression that is you. (Simple but not easy, I know)

Our minds wonder: “How do I do that”? You listen, you get quiet enough to hear. You put down your smart phone and your lap top much more often throughout the day. You face and heal the addiction to these devices and to the need for the constant flow of distracting, disabling, overwhelming information.

You choose Love.

You notice the compassion in your heart and you act from that place. You rest. You ask others how they are and you listen. You drink enough water. You move your body and listen to what it wants to tell you.

You recognize injustice and you speak about it honestly from a place of clarity. You choose to refrain from adding more blame and fear to the energy field.

From the place of peace that you’ve uncovered you ask questions and see reality as it is actually unfolding, not how you are being told to see it. You remember that you have innate wisdom that is powerful and accurate.

What we need to do now is tap into this inner resource that we all have. This place in us that can move through whatever life gives us. If we’re cut off from our Source then everything “out there” appears as a nightmare and then that’s how we feel inside as well. However, by simply remembering and breathing into the ever-present Beingness that we are, we can shift and we can find courage and kindness.We don’t have to be passive onlookers. We can speak clearly, powerfully and we can speak with compassion.

We can be present in our life. Even when everything seems to be unfolding in such a dark way. Being IN “what is happening” is life-giving. Avoiding “what is happening” is life-depleting. You keep the natural flow of energy moving and compassion and kindness prevail.

You cultivate bravery and strength. You be an example of loving courage for others.

You walk outside and notice the beauty, admire the sky, the snow, the flowers, the air you breathe. You give thanks, oh so many thanks.You trust that very Truth that is You will guide you.

You BE the love and peace you wish for. When you forget, you tenderly hear the judgement and the shame you might be laying on yourself. You dust yourself off and you open again. You remember your divinity and you nurture this Remembering.

So that if/as the times get tougher you have direct contact with the well-spring of the unending power of love within you. You will be able to meet each situation, no matter how challenging it gets, with presence and with clarity. THIS is more powerful than any expression of greed, fear, hatred, attempts at power and control that we witness.

Your own inner work cannot be underestimated. You are an epic expression of the Divine.

Feel into how the One, ineffable presence of God wants to show up through you. It’s time.

Remembering and Forgetting

I am a child of God and the Mother of the Universe; I am wind blowing and the waves crashing on a seashore; I am smiles on lips and joyful noise that children make spontaneously as delight arises in them; I am the delight itself and the reasons for it; I am “no reason”; I am the space in between two apparent things and I am the no space at all; I am sadness and grief, joy and peace; I am coming and going; being and non being; I am the candle flicker seen with my eyes and the imagining of it; I am all the things the human mind can know and all the things it is yet to conceive of; I am the remembering and the forgetting; I am the heat that rises in my forehead and the chill from the open door. There is nothing that doesn’t have me as it’s source. I am what animates me; I am what lies inert; I am the laughing at the absurdity and the glory of it all; I am and I am not; I am the knowing that these words on this page can’t ever say what I really am; I am the fun, the adventure, the worship and the ritual of the trying to.

A Cleansing Prayer

May the Beingness that I am shine unencumbered through this body, mind and soul.

May the radiance of pure presence and source energy move freely, shine freely.

May any thought, belief or perception that obscures the radiance of the true presence of love be dissolved.

May the story of my life be honoured and respected and let go of by me, creating sacred spaciousness for what is emerging now.

May I bow down deeply to everyone and everything that has formed the story of my life, with great gratitude.

May I now be able to meet each character (recurring and new) with fresh wonderment and awe and may I let them be and move without holding or resistance.

May seeing things as they ACTUALLY are stand in the place of trying to see things as I REQUIRE them to be.

May pure desire not be deemed as bad but seen as it is: the movement of true potential and creative magnificence.

May each moment and the manifestations that come along with each moment be held in Holy ceremony.

May my awareness and presence be that ceremony.

How is everything in “the Kingdom”?

Go gently with yourselves.

You might find yourself among the growing number of people who are genuinely asking “What the heck is going on?”

I know it’s crazy hard to start coming to the realization that things may not be entirely what they seem (or as simple as we would have liked things to be).

Perhaps your intuition is telling you “not all is right in the kingdom”. Perhaps you are feeling duped by powers we’ve been told have our best interests at heart or by the conditioning we’ve ALL been subject to over a lifetime.

But what if we think of it as an unveiling of truth instead? Like a bright light being shone on the contents of a dark, scary basement (that secretly we always knew was there). When we see what’s there we can address it. We can liberate from the fear and avoidance. (both of which are heavy burdens to bear).

If you’re finding yourself struggling with some stark revelations, know you’re not alone.

Let’s lay down our firmly held beliefs in favour of transparency, listening, contemplation, discussion; community coming together – regardless of personal choices – to stand for love, for truth, and for freedom (within and without).

Hopefully this post can be one small part in your stepping into more truth for yourself (whatever that is and however that looks). It’s a whirlwind out there so don’t forget to Breathe and know you are infinitely held beyond what your mind can comprehend.

Under the chaos, all IS actually well in the kingdom

Can I welcome judgement and misunderstanding rather than resist?

The search for understanding – for being understood by others – keeps us in bondage.

I know it all too well.

“If only I could explain properly. If only I could express clearly enough so they can see my point of view etc. etc.”

These never really get me anywhere. They do serve to strengthen my sense of separation, however. And right about now, that is probably the last thing I need. What if I can soften into the realm of “not knowing” a place where there are no fixed prescriptions, no absolutes; a place where love and compassion rule and I bow down in service to that? What if I can allow the judgement of others towards me in the same way I allow the wind to blow against my face. These things will happen anyway, and my choice is to resist or allow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of trying to be understood.

Others, even those closest to me, may not get my concerns or my viewpoint nor agree with how life is moving me. They may be in pain because of it. I’ll wish to soothe their pain (and my own), I’ll wish they could come to even just consider my point of view so that there could be peace between us. But the effort which that requires is draining and, frankly, futile.

Trying to convince or explain in the face of another’s firmly held point of view only serves to strengthen the division between us. What if my energy could flow to WELCOMING judgement and misunderstanding?

Radical, I know, but a practice to consider.

Perhaps this will somehow soften the fixity within them and (more importantly) within me and create the possibility for a natural openness to arise between us. I can show up in the truth of each moment and breathe. What if the antidote to fear is love and the antidote to misunderstanding is compassion? Could I access those in times of great conflict? I’ll try. Want to join me?

Become the Antidote

As all that seems life-depleting rather than life-enhancing reaches a fever pitch, it is tempting to give up.

But KEEP ON, my friend.

Your part in this is pivotal and holy.

What if you realize that the only one you can be truly sure of changing and healing is YOU, and do just that.

As Teal Swan says:

“The empowerment that you do have in what is happening in the world is to be part of the solution to the actual root of what is happening in the world today. This means you must seek the root. You must become the antidote to the root dysfunction that you see in the world. For example, if you see that the root of the way people are behaving is fear, then see that the antidote to fear is understanding and love. You must put more effort into understanding everyone and everything than you have ever put forth before. And you must make the conscious choice to love, which is to include others as a part of yourself. If you see that the root of the polarization in the world is the perception of separation, become a uniting force. Awaken to Oneness yourself. If you see that cruelty is what created the trauma that created the zero sum game behaviour between people in the world, become radically kind and devote yourself to finding a win-win with all other things in existence. … Consider your behaviour to be a demonstrative vote for how you want the world to be like. Cast your vote consciously. The future of humanity is being voted on by your thoughts, words and actions today. Find the root. What is the antidote to that root? Become that antidote.” #becometheantidote#loveandunderstanding

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