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“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final”. I love this quote by Rilke. So many of us have been frozen and hardened by fear. It is challenging to rise from that place especially when a troubling situation (such as what we have all been finding ourselves in) triggers a childhood trauma or a deep dark anxiety or fear. But if we remember that all things shift and change, maybe we can hold more lightly our opinions, our judgements and our need for things to make perfect sense. Maybe we can allow the damaging effects of a bombardment of fear messaging on repeat, to dissolve. Maybe we can begin to see things more clearly and begin inquiring. Truly inquiring. What if our opinions can change in the light of new information; what if we can ask that friend who is privy to good information that is not being shown on the m a i n stream to share with us. Maybe it’s time to take a long, deep breath and lay down the swords of defence and fear. Open, soften. Just keep going. No feeling is final.

Gratitude for the Inquiring minds and hearts

This is a message of great gratitude to all who are fearlessly self-reflecting and healing; all who are asking questions that may arise within them even when they’re encouraged not to; who open broadly to information (and intuition) even when it conflicts with their own held beliefs; who recognize that things always change and evolve; who are courageous when they’re scared; who love to know the whole story not just one side; who seek to love and forgive even when they feel self-righteous and contracted; who prefer to be kind over being right; and to those who are stepping into an inquiring space (inner and outer) despite all pressure against it. You all rock my world and, in my humble opinion, this is how loving change in our world happens and peace prevails.Thank YOU!

Returning to a place of knowing in the Heart

How can I return to a place of knowing within my heart? 

Which steps can I take to cultivate connection, openness, stillness, softness in my day?

Can I notice where I might be “defending” my own decisions by condemning the decisions of others? How might I take more responsibility for my own choices and rest back into the diversity of the flow of life?

Can I begin to notice where fear and trauma may have led me to temporarily shut down my inquiring mind, my curious nature, my ability to reason independently and think critically?

Can I be gentle with myself about that and begin to open back up?

Where do I hold tightly to a belief or ideology because it gives me a sense of security, something solid to steady me? Are there “catch phrases” I’ve heard that are on repeat within me? Can I notice how they may have replaced my own independent inquiry? Can I find gentler ways to feel the safety of my own soul?

How can I return to a place of knowing within my heart? 

Which steps can I take to cultivate connection, openness, stillness, softness in my day?

Right now I can simply 


a deep 

breath …

And remember that nothing is set in stone, everything changes and right now, here I am, free to breathe, to choose, to Love and to BE.


Awakening Heart Wisdom – 1 hour – June “Mantra & Meditation Mondays” on Zoom

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Begin your week with chant, meditation and inspiration for connecting more deeply with your beautiful Heart’s Wisdom.

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In a time when so much information is coming at us from every direction, many of us are feeling deeply called
to return to the True Wisdom of our Hearts. What do we know beyond what our mind may be telling us?How can we cultivate a more accessible and clear line of communication with our deeper knowing? 

Join Brenda for an hour of mantra, music, meditation and inspiration! 

We will spend an hour each Monday in June (10 a.m. EST)  sharing some specific practices and experiences that
can help us put our Heart Wisdom in its natural spot as our main
Guide, and to lovingly nudge the mind back to its role as a support to the Heart.

Offer it Up! A way to access more of your Heart’s Wisdom

If you’re like me, having some reminders about ways we can navigate these times is helpful. Here’s a short video about the importance of accessing the wisdom our true Self for guidance. One way that has been super helpful for me is in saying a prayer and offering up any confusion or distress up to a “higher power” just as Arjuna does in the Bhagavad Gita.

“Awakening Heart Wisdom” Online Mini Retreat – April 11, 2021

9:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m. EST

April 11

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Join Brenda for this special “Awakening Heart Wisdom” Mini-Retreat.

In a time when it seems information is coming at us from every direction, many of us are feeling deeply called to return to the True Wisdom of our Hearts.

What do we know beyond what our mind may be telling us?

How can we cultivate a more accessible and clear line of communication with our deeper knowing?

Join Brenda for a morning of mantra, music, self-inquiry and meditation; practices that can support us in this exploration.

We will spend these 4 hours together sharing some specific practices and experiences that can help us put our Heart Wisdom in its natural spot as our main Guide, and to lovingly nudge the mind back to its role as a support to the Heart.

No music, mantra or yoga experience required. Just bring:

-An open heart and mind

-A journal and pen and comfy location where you will not be disturbed

Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on your personal financial circumstancesSuggested: $30-$60 CAD by Interac Transfer in Canada and PayPal outside of Canada

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The retreat has limited enrolment and for more information and to register please email info@brendamcmorrow

“Sat Patim/Om Shrim” new single – Divine Feminine and Masculine

Yesterday I released a new song along with my friend and amazing Danish producer/musician, Jakob Weise.

You can click HERE for all the ways to find it!

This song contains two mantras calling to both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. To me it seems very timely. There is a lot of confusion and division on many aspects of life presenting in our world right now and it felt to us that a song that really honours two “polarities” – and is really about unity within ourselves of both these aspects – would be quite relevant and healing. The more integrated and at peace within we are, the more it will present in the outer world. My prayer and hope is that this song will nourish the hearts of those who hear it.

Here are some more words about the song:

“Sat Patim/Om Shrim”, a stunning collaboration between Copenhagen, Denmark based musician/producer/songwriter Jakob Weise and Toronto, Canada based musician/songwriter Brenda McMorrow, is a lush and soulful sonic journey into the profound interrelationship between the sacred Feminine and Masculine. Upon a rich, mesmeric soundscape, Brenda and Jakob’s sublime voices sing a powerful pairing of Sanskrit mantras (one that calls to the “perfect masculine principles” and the other to the feminine Shakti, the very power of the universe), weaving an exquisite tapestry which invites the listener into an experience of blissful freedom – a dance of divine Union.” – White Swan Records

“Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara”

This is a Mantra calling in “a partner of Truth who embodies the perfect masculine principles”. If you are not calling in a masculine partner, chanting the mantra can help enliven these principles within yourself!

“Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha”

This is a Mantra calling in the Divine feminine: “Om and Salutations to the creative abundance that is the very form of this universe.” Whether you are calling in the Divine Feminine qualities in a partner or in yourself, these aspects are enhanced by this powerful sound formula.

What will see us through

I walked out just now at dusk, to be up close with the sound and sights of the waves and the large boulders of ice and snow that are floating and crashing against the shore. Reminding me of 4 years ago – 2017- on another shore of this very same Great Lake. When the words for the song “Falling Away” came through. This majestic lake Huron appears to be accompanying me on a journey of breathing in, letting in, opening, letting go, and breathing out in a long exhale. Tonight the lake had a message for me (for us): in this time of great confusion, of not knowing, of wishing to know, of wanting to have something that makes sense to hold onto; choosing Love over every other option is what will see you through. Love in every instance, whether it’s manifestation is gentle or fierce, quiet or loud. Just choose Love over every other option. It’s what will see you through.

Helping ourselves bring clarity in confusing times

I am not purporting to definitively know the answers to the great challenges being brought about by what is happening in our worldwide human society right now. But I do feel pretty darned sure about this: if we take steps to get clear and quiet; calm our nervous systems by moving, connecting, laughing, singing, immersing in nature; turning off the tv more often and honestly seeing where we turn to any forms of numbing agents that only leave us feeling worse in the end; our radiant spirit, which knows the steps to take, WILL shine forth, even through the deafening noise, the repetition, the hammering in of fearful and divisive messages. Then we have a chance to rise above the perceived madness, to see the truth of what is really going on here, where we, ourselves, may have contributed to it, and how we can now choose to envision and bring forth a manifest reality that is in line with love, health and freedom for all beings. If the dark points in history tell us anything, they ask us not to repeat them. An Evolution is happening, let’s open to it. Standing in the truth of your Being is vastly more powerful than can ever be described – Remember

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.” Rumi

Wishes for the year 2021

May you be filled with peace and may love surround you and flow effortlessly from within you.

May Truth rise to the top in your world and may you have courage and a knowing that your true nature holds you always and forever.

May the illusion of divisiveness and stark separation be seen through and may the recognition of unity, compassion and deep listening be your “go to”.

May you always ask questions even in the face of pressure to not do so.

May the Light Of Love be your beacon and may you receive this into your heart: “You are Held in Love- and Love is Who You Are!”

Love, Brenda