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May 24, 2024


“Ceremonia del Amor” (Ceremony of Love) 2024

  • Agradecer/Gayatri Mantra
  • Abuelito Fuego
  • Tierra Mi Cuerpo/Namah Shivaya
  • Aham Prema/Love Divine
  • Corazon de Fuego (Brilla Un Colibri)
  • Ventana del Amor/Lakshmi
  • Aguila Aguile (Desde Lejos)
  • Altissimo Corazon
  • Corazon es lo Unico/Maha Mantra

“Cermonia del Amor” (Ceremony of Love) is a beautiful, sonic tapestry that weaves together the healing and uplifting vibrations of both Sanskrit mantra and Latin American medicine songs.

The album features Brenda McMorrow’s captivating songwriting as well as a selection of songs that are traditional and by contemporary songwriters. This stunning collection inspires it’s listeners to relax into a place of peace and well-being, enhancing their connection within, with others and with our Mother Earth. Deeply honouring the age- old traditions of both Latin America and India, Brenda masterfully adds her signature folk/pop stylings, helping to pave the way for the power of this music to reach and inspire an even broader international, multi-lingual audience.

“Ceremonia del Amor” was co-produced, engineered/mixed and performed on by acclaimed European live sound engineer, Zsolt Bognár. As co-producers, Brenda and Zsolt have teamed up to create this album of music that is dear to both of their hearts.

It features a host of musicians who add their sublime playing, including: Gilberto Rios (Mexico)- Double & Electric Bass; Gonzaolo Paniagua (Chile/Spain) - Bansuri, Clarinet, Charango, Voice; Conrado Molina (Argentina/Austria) - Percussion; Amín Varkonyi (Austria) - Percussion, Handpan, Voice.

Brenda McMorrow: Vocals, Guitar Conrado Molina: Percussion; Gilberto Rios: Double Bass Zsolt Bognár: Nylon String Guitar; Mariann Mikó: Harmonium Amín Varkonyi: Handpan, Percussion Recorded & Mixed by Zsolt Bognár; Produced by Zsolt Bognár and Brenda McMorrow Recorded at Akasha Studio, Szigetmonostor, HU, Normafa Center, Budapest, HU;

Mixed at Nest Studio, Nagyszékely, HU

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Ayan Mastering, Portland, ME, US

Additional Recording: Bass & Track 2 percussion, fire & choir vocals at Loft Studio, Ajijic, MX; Additional Recording: Clarinet, Bansuri, Vocals, Charango at Studio Vol64, Barcelona, ES

Cover Art and CD Graphic Design by Jon Marro;

Photo of Brenda by Renata Liszi