release date:

March 09, 2010



  • Govinda Gopala
  • Narayana
  • He Ma
  • Ganeshaya
  • Sharanam Ananda
  • Ayodhya Vasti/ Rama Rama
  • Lokha Samastha
  • Maha Lakshmi

Discover the realm of soul-expanding Kirtan through these captivating devotional songs, rich in modern melodies, luxuriant harmonies, world beats, acoustic guitar and ancient Sanskrit mantras. East meets West on this lush, groove-filled voyage into the joyful ocean of Bhakti Yoga. Produced by Ben Leinbach (Deva Premal/Jai Uttal), this White Swan Records re-release of Brenda's celebrated 2008 independent album, has been re-mastered, features new production on "Loka Samastha" and "Maha Lakshmi", and includes an added track: "Sharanam Ananda".