release date:

June 23, 2020


Agua de Estrellas Remix by Mose

  • Agua de Estrellas Mose Remix

Brenda McMorrow, Mose

Written by Miguel Molina


En tus ojos de agua infinita, se bañan las estrellitas, Mamá Agua de luz, agua de estrellas, Pachamama vienes del cielo Limpia, limpia, limpia corazón, agua brillante 
Sana, sana, sana corazón, agua bendita Calma, calma, calma corazón, agua del cielo, Mamá Pachamama, Pachamama, Madre Tierra, Pachamama

In your eyes of infinite water
the stars are bathing, mamma
 Water of light, water of stars
 Pachamama you come from heaven
 Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the heart, brilliant water Heal, heal, heal the heart, blessed water Calm, calm, calm the heart, water from heaven, mamma Pachamama, Pachamama, Mother Earth, Pachamama

Cover Art by: Adrian Callejas


Agua de Estrellas, a massively popular medicine song written by Miguel Molina, has been re-imagined by Brenda McMorrow, whose voice conveys her own profound prayer to Pacha Mama. The original has now been remixed by Mose who brings in his hypnotic beat driven layers with an intention to drop the listener more deeply into the beautiful eco-centric lyrics. The track is a testament to the unique quality that music allows for a continual refinement and evolution through the hearts and minds of a chain of resonant musicians. It is the product of a collaborative spirit and a likeminded intention to honor music as the medicine that it is.