Brenda’s New Album! Help make it happen!

(Note: 6 days left in the Campaign!)

Hello Dear Music Lovers!

It’s time to make a new album and I’m so excited! Thank you for being curious about what has been brewing over here these past 4 years and how you might be able to be part of it coming into the world!

As many of you know, I play a form of music called Kirtan (pronounced “Keer-than”) which is a powerful form of mantra music traditional to India. I weave in English as well as Spanish lyrics,  and this combines to create music that helps people to dive more deeply into their hearts.  I come from a folk/pop background and that has served me well in creating a fusion that speaks to both the eastern and western tastes.  My love of the way music connects us to our own hearts, to our deepest knowing and to healing is why I have devoted my life to sharing it with as many people as possible across this planet! 

There is something extra exciting and special about this next album!

Drum rolllll please!!! 

This album is going to be an exploration of traditional Latin American, Spanish language Medicine songs!  I’ll be combining sacred and sublime Sanskrit mantra with the power of these healing, ceremonial pieces. Some of them are written by me, some are Traditional and some are written by other contemporary singer/songwriters. It is going to be a beautiful blend and a new adventure that I have a great feeling you will love! The effect that these songs has on our well-being, ability to focus and be inspired is marked. Very much like mantra music, this is one of the most potent ways to bring more light and serenity into our lives and into the world. No exaggeration!

When touring resumed in full swing this past year, I was thrilled to witness my audiences across Latin America, Europe and North America responding beautifully to these songs; they shared with me that they resonate deeply with this music and how uplifting and inspiring it has been for them.

During confusing and divisive times, this type of music reminds us of what is true. Music brings us back to the centre of our hearts, where we can listen to our true knowing and act from that place.

I’ve done all my other albums in California but this time I’m going to be heading to Budapest in Hungary (this month!) and I’m going to be working with the wonderful recording/ mixing/, mastering engineer  Zsolt Bognar. We’re going to be co-producing the album together at Akasha Studios at DragonHeart Island!

What the funds raised will be used for and what you can receive for your gracious involvement!

Making a record is a beautiful and intricate process that involves many people and many weeks and months of devoted time and energy! The funds raised during this campaign will go towards travel; the recording/production/mixing in Hungary with Zsolt and his team; mastering; musicians; administrative support; artwork; crowdfunding platform fees; and marketing (photos, videos, promotion) of the album. Any funds raised over the goal amount will go to the continued promotion and touring of the album.

We have some fabulous perks available for you to choose from (including advance downloads of the new album; becoming an executive producer; sessions with me; having your own personal lullaby written for you; House Concerts and more!

The Power of Crowdfunding – we all do it together!!

I am so grateful for the incredible support and love that I received when making my last album “Chidananda”! Through Indiegogo we raised all the funds to make the record because of YOU! It was an inspiring and phenomenal experience and the feedback I have received about the record has been so very inspiring and beautiful!

Doing an Indiegogo campaign is similar to kirtan itself. In Kirtan we all come together to sing and create something that has never before existed in all of the universe!  And doing this album, where people contribute in advance, is the same kind of thing: we are creating this together! Beautiful!

Do you share this vision with me? More ways in which you can help!

Having an entire team of angels like you who believe in this project as much as I do is incredibly powerful! Your help in sharing the word about my campaign will be invaluable! Thank you in advance for letting your own friends and “like-hearted” community know about it! You can use the Indiegogo share tools in order to help spread the word by email, Twitter, Facebook and more! Thank you for your loving support!