Questions we can ask ourselves to encourage love and compassion

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

For many of us, there is a growing awareness of the Untruths that have been ruling our societies for a long time and that are coming to a crescendo at this point in history. We are catching on to the fact that not all beings (many of them in positions of “authority”) have the best interests of ALL as a priority- in fact, quite the opposite. We are starting to see how we may have been willfully blind and potentially complicit to things that are life-depleting rather than life-giving for our human and planetary family.

We see the deliberate confusion laden into our information sources.

How do we meet this shocking and disorienting state of affairs with strength, courage, love, compassion and wisdom?

First: we forgive ourselves.

Then we can ask: How can I now uncover and tap into the the life-giving, open and available source of pure Being for everything that I think, say and do? (Sounds like a big question but just put it out there and let the answer come without having to think too hard!)

If we reflect and inquire within- HONESTLY – we will be able to start meeting the world from a place that can promote healing and beauty within and without. Here are some questions we can ask ourselves:

How can I take care of my inner realm in such a way that the love and compassion that is natural to me (and to all of us) guides my actions?

What are the practices I can incorporate into my day, to nourish and encourage this natural state to emerge with clarity no matter what the outer world presents to me?

What do I need to give attention to that is wounded within me so that I don’t continue to project it into others?

What is my heart wanting to tell me?

I wish you all the highest blessings and offer my gratitude to you as you do your part in bringing love, awareness and healing to yourself and then, in turn, to the world.