Remembering and Forgetting

I am a child of God and the Mother of the Universe; I am wind blowing and the waves crashing on a seashore; I am smiles on lips and joyful noise that children make spontaneously as delight arises in them; I am the delight itself and the reasons for it; I am “no reason”; I am the space in between two apparent things and I am the no space at all; I am sadness and grief, joy and peace; I am coming and going; being and non being; I am the candle flicker seen with my eyes and the imagining of it; I am all the things the human mind can know and all the things it is yet to conceive of; I am the remembering and the forgetting; I am the heat that rises in my forehead and the chill from the open door. There is nothing that doesn’t have me as it’s source. I am what animates me; I am what lies inert; I am the laughing at the absurdity and the glory of it all; I am and I am not; I am the knowing that these words on this page can’t ever say what I really am; I am the fun, the adventure, the worship and the ritual of the trying to.