How do we show up in these times?

It is our job now, our calling, to purify our minds and our hearts.

How else can we show up but with strength and courage and clarity in a time when those qualities are so greatly needed? Look at what we see occurring in our outer world. The intense, bewildering nature of it is high. What can you as an individual do?

I have a few suggestions:Firstly, it is essential that You as an individual expression of Divinity BE THAT EXPRESSION. It is that simple. BE the unique expression that is you. (Simple but not easy, I know)

Our minds wonder: “How do I do that”? You listen, you get quiet enough to hear. You put down your smart phone and your lap top much more often throughout the day. You face and heal the addiction to these devices and to the need for the constant flow of distracting, disabling, overwhelming information.

You choose Love.

You notice the compassion in your heart and you act from that place. You rest. You ask others how they are and you listen. You drink enough water. You move your body and listen to what it wants to tell you.

You recognize injustice and you speak about it honestly from a place of clarity. You choose to refrain from adding more blame and fear to the energy field.

From the place of peace that you’ve uncovered you ask questions and see reality as it is actually unfolding, not how you are being told to see it. You remember that you have innate wisdom that is powerful and accurate.

What we need to do now is tap into this inner resource that we all have. This place in us that can move through whatever life gives us. If we’re cut off from our Source then everything “out there” appears as a nightmare and then that’s how we feel inside as well. However, by simply remembering and breathing into the ever-present Beingness that we are, we can shift and we can find courage and kindness.We don’t have to be passive onlookers. We can speak clearly, powerfully and we can speak with compassion.

We can be present in our life. Even when everything seems to be unfolding in such a dark way. Being IN “what is happening” is life-giving. Avoiding “what is happening” is life-depleting. You keep the natural flow of energy moving and compassion and kindness prevail.

You cultivate bravery and strength. You be an example of loving courage for others.

You walk outside and notice the beauty, admire the sky, the snow, the flowers, the air you breathe. You give thanks, oh so many thanks.You trust that very Truth that is You will guide you.

You BE the love and peace you wish for. When you forget, you tenderly hear the judgement and the shame you might be laying on yourself. You dust yourself off and you open again. You remember your divinity and you nurture this Remembering.

So that if/as the times get tougher you have direct contact with the well-spring of the unending power of love within you. You will be able to meet each situation, no matter how challenging it gets, with presence and with clarity. THIS is more powerful than any expression of greed, fear, hatred, attempts at power and control that we witness.

Your own inner work cannot be underestimated. You are an epic expression of the Divine.

Feel into how the One, ineffable presence of God wants to show up through you. It’s time.