A Cleansing Prayer

May the Beingness that I am shine unencumbered through this body, mind and soul.

May the radiance of pure presence and source energy move freely, shine freely.

May any thought, belief or perception that obscures the radiance of the true presence of love be dissolved.

May the story of my life be honoured and respected and let go of by me, creating sacred spaciousness for what is emerging now.

May I bow down deeply to everyone and everything that has formed the story of my life, with great gratitude.

May I now be able to meet each character (recurring and new) with fresh wonderment and awe and may I let them be and move without holding or resistance.

May seeing things as they ACTUALLY are stand in the place of trying to see things as I REQUIRE them to be.

May pure desire not be deemed as bad but seen as it is: the movement of true potential and creative magnificence.

May each moment and the manifestations that come along with each moment be held in Holy ceremony.

May my awareness and presence be that ceremony.