How is everything in “the Kingdom”?

Go gently with yourselves.

You might find yourself among the growing number of people who are genuinely asking “What the heck is going on?”

I know it’s crazy hard to start coming to the realization that things may not be entirely what they seem (or as simple as we would have liked things to be).

Perhaps your intuition is telling you “not all is right in the kingdom”. Perhaps you are feeling duped by powers we’ve been told have our best interests at heart or by the conditioning we’ve ALL been subject to over a lifetime.

But what if we think of it as an unveiling of truth instead? Like a bright light being shone on the contents of a dark, scary basement (that secretly we always knew was there). When we see what’s there we can address it. We can liberate from the fear and avoidance. (both of which are heavy burdens to bear).

If you’re finding yourself struggling with some stark revelations, know you’re not alone.

Let’s lay down our firmly held beliefs in favour of transparency, listening, contemplation, discussion; community coming together – regardless of personal choices – to stand for love, for truth, and for freedom (within and without).

Hopefully this post can be one small part in your stepping into more truth for yourself (whatever that is and however that looks). It’s a whirlwind out there so don’t forget to Breathe and know you are infinitely held beyond what your mind can comprehend.

Under the chaos, all IS actually well in the kingdom