Can I welcome judgement and misunderstanding rather than resist?

The search for understanding – for being understood by others – keeps us in bondage.

I know it all too well.

“If only I could explain properly. If only I could express clearly enough so they can see my point of view etc. etc.”

These never really get me anywhere. They do serve to strengthen my sense of separation, however. And right about now, that is probably the last thing I need. What if I can soften into the realm of “not knowing” a place where there are no fixed prescriptions, no absolutes; a place where love and compassion rule and I bow down in service to that? What if I can allow the judgement of others towards me in the same way I allow the wind to blow against my face. These things will happen anyway, and my choice is to resist or allow.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of trying to be understood.

Others, even those closest to me, may not get my concerns or my viewpoint nor agree with how life is moving me. They may be in pain because of it. I’ll wish to soothe their pain (and my own), I’ll wish they could come to even just consider my point of view so that there could be peace between us. But the effort which that requires is draining and, frankly, futile.

Trying to convince or explain in the face of another’s firmly held point of view only serves to strengthen the division between us. What if my energy could flow to WELCOMING judgement and misunderstanding?

Radical, I know, but a practice to consider.

Perhaps this will somehow soften the fixity within them and (more importantly) within me and create the possibility for a natural openness to arise between us. I can show up in the truth of each moment and breathe. What if the antidote to fear is love and the antidote to misunderstanding is compassion? Could I access those in times of great conflict? I’ll try. Want to join me?