Become the Antidote

As all that seems life-depleting rather than life-enhancing reaches a fever pitch, it is tempting to give up.

But KEEP ON, my friend.

Your part in this is pivotal and holy.

What if you realize that the only one you can be truly sure of changing and healing is YOU, and do just that.

As Teal Swan says:

“The empowerment that you do have in what is happening in the world is to be part of the solution to the actual root of what is happening in the world today. This means you must seek the root. You must become the antidote to the root dysfunction that you see in the world. For example, if you see that the root of the way people are behaving is fear, then see that the antidote to fear is understanding and love. You must put more effort into understanding everyone and everything than you have ever put forth before. And you must make the conscious choice to love, which is to include others as a part of yourself. If you see that the root of the polarization in the world is the perception of separation, become a uniting force. Awaken to Oneness yourself. If you see that cruelty is what created the trauma that created the zero sum game behaviour between people in the world, become radically kind and devote yourself to finding a win-win with all other things in existence. … Consider your behaviour to be a demonstrative vote for how you want the world to be like. Cast your vote consciously. The future of humanity is being voted on by your thoughts, words and actions today. Find the root. What is the antidote to that root? Become that antidote.” #becometheantidote#loveandunderstanding