“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final”. I love this quote by Rilke. So many of us have been frozen and hardened by fear. It is challenging to rise from that place especially when a troubling situation (such as what we have all been finding ourselves in) triggers a childhood trauma or a deep dark anxiety or fear. But if we remember that all things shift and change, maybe we can hold more lightly our opinions, our judgements and our need for things to make perfect sense. Maybe we can allow the damaging effects of a bombardment of fear messaging on repeat, to dissolve. Maybe we can begin to see things more clearly and begin inquiring. Truly inquiring. What if our opinions can change in the light of new information; what if we can ask that friend who is privy to good information that is not being shown on the m a i n stream to share with us. Maybe it’s time to take a long, deep breath and lay down the swords of defence and fear. Open, soften. Just keep going. No feeling is final.