What will see us through

I walked out just now at dusk, to be up close with the sound and sights of the waves and the large boulders of ice and snow that are floating and crashing against the shore. Reminding me of 4 years ago – 2017- on another shore of this very same Great Lake. When the words for the song “Falling Away” came through. This majestic lake Huron appears to be accompanying me on a journey of breathing in, letting in, opening, letting go, and breathing out in a long exhale. Tonight the lake had a message for me (for us): in this time of great confusion, of not knowing, of wishing to know, of wanting to have something that makes sense to hold onto; choosing Love over every other option is what will see you through. Love in every instance, whether it’s manifestation is gentle or fierce, quiet or loud. Just choose Love over every other option. It’s what will see you through.