Why do I go to South India? Join us in February 2020


There are countless reasons why I return to South India year after year after year. Here are just a few: India is a heart home to me – the beauty and the vibrancy always nourishes me and brings me joy – the way in which SO many people live in relative harmony together is a great testament to the loving nature of the culture and quite a thing to behold – the food, the food, the food – the ancient temples that hold such richness and peace and devotion amidst the clanging of bells, the bustling of bodies, the seeming chaos – the kindness of the people – the opportunity to share kirtan and yoga in a beautiful setting at Verite guest house in the remarkable international city of Auroville – the beautiful cows – the peace and inspiration of Ramanashram in Tiru and the great power of the Holy Mountain Arunachala – experiencing the wisdom, presence and talents of my co-facilitators Matthew Andrews and Corinne Andrews – the South Indian culture: dance, music, art, always stunning – getting to be in warmth at a time of year when it is cold in Canada – I could go on and on… Here are some scenes from South India to inspire you to take the next step of contacting us to join us! https://www.yogacenteramherst.com/southindia/