A Prayer: May I Open into Truth

May I open into Truth and may I be of service to the One.

May I see the places in me that are unconscious or wounded,
and may I face them and feel them truthfully and with courage.

May I not take things personally and may I be in allowance
of others having their own experience.

May I have love and joy and affection in my life and may I share this with others.
May I have health.

May I follow my own nature with ease and an open heart.

May I take responsibility for myself and my choices and may light shine on the places where I have been in avoidance and untruth.

With full abandon, may I radically open into WHAT IS.

May awakening to the Truth of Who I Am be something that is not only possible for me, but something that I come to know is who I have been all along.

– Brenda McMorrow