India! Glimpses into a 2 month musical journey so far!

What a blessing to be in India again! February will see a return to Chennai, Auroville, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and Tiruvanamalai, all fascinating places in Tamil Nadu, South India with my retreat group that is coming from Canada and the US. More photos soon!

workshop at Sacred Music Fest

lovely flowers and lovely child at the Coonoor Market

A family of wild elephants blessed 
us with a rare appearance by the road in the Nilgiris!

with Tiras and Anand (bass player) after kirtan in Tiruvanamalai

Kirtan at the Sri Vast Satsang in Tiruvanamalai

with John de Kadt at the Int’l Sacred Music Fest at the Sri Vast Centre

Guruji Sri Vast, Therese, Irene and some of his lovely team

Arriving at the Sri Vast Centre near Pondicherry for the International Sacred Music Festival

Beautiful flower arrangements by the Sri Vast community on our trip to Tiru

Tiruvanamalai Temple

copper pots that hold our nourishing food at Ayurveda Retreat in the Nilgiris