Bhakti Heart Fire: Kirtan Academy

November 2-7

London, Ontario, Canada

presented by DevaTree School of Yoga

“If you want to expand your heart and your voice, take this course!!!! The music, the instruments, the lessons, the people and the Angelic voice Brenda McMorrow…I am a novice singer and there was no judgement, only support. That was a big hurdle for me. It’s a safe space to explore.” – Elaine (2014 Grad)

photo by Marc Fortin

photo by Marc Fortin

Devotional Chant artist and teacher, Brenda McMorrow invites you to join her in taking a deep dive into everything Kirtan (a practice of Bhakti Yoga). Whether you have a desire to lead Kirtan, incorporate chant into your yoga practice or teachings, or simply receive its benefits in your own life, this immersion will guide you toward these goals.

50-hr Cross-Disciplinary Chanting Immersion With Brenda McMorrow, B.Ed, RYT

No Musical Experience Required

At its most basic and universal level, Bhakti can be defined as an expression of love or devotion. Anyone who has experienced the spontaneous heart-expandingeffects of chant understands that the Bhakti Bhav (mood) is a sweet, pure and expansive feeling not easily described in words. Like our physical yoga practice, devotional chanting has the power to create healing shiftsin the body, mind and Spirit. Acting like a tuning fork for the entire system, chanting can help us clear blocked energy and open us up to the Universal frequency of compassion, expansion, trust, and love.

Experience the benefits of mantra repetition as applied to chanting and meditation, and learn common Sanskrit & yogic chants and their meanings. Participants will gain insight into traditional deities, stories, myths and practices, and their application to our modern lives.

Learn about the typical instruments used for Kirtan, and explore creative chant composition and kirtan leading in ensembles at your own comfort level.

No musical ability and/or training is required for this program, as all students will have opportunities to nurture their own unique chanting voice in a supportive atmosphere of like-hearted others.

Brenda’s personal stories, humor and revelations from her own path and worldwide travels light up these six days of brilliant Bhakti bliss!

More words from Past Grads:

“This is the best ever!! If you are thinking to attend…just DO it!!!! You will be SO happy that you did!!” – Louise

“It changed my relationship with my voice. Do it!” – Julie

“Absolutely!! This week was life changing for me. Not only did I find my voice I made lifelong friendships.” – Jefferson

“Life changing event” – Betty and Bill

“It’s one of my favourite retreats! Wonderful soul rejuvenation!” – Kath

“JAI! JAI! This was such an amazing experience of open heart connections. Sing Laugh Love. I’m coming back for more!” – Lisa

“Each vibration creates a sound, and we are vibration and therefore sound. It’s an amazing and transformative experience. Brenda McMorrow shares the joy of Bhakti and music, and makes it accessible for all. Music is meditative to me and fills my soul.” – Gayatri

“This experience touched my soul 🙂 I am so ready to do it again and again and again. Love you, Brenda.” – Amita

“Great-o-goddesslike, ’tis! Your heart and throat chakras will never be the same!” Kristi

For more information and to read the syllabus:

Your Investment: $925 CAD + tax

(does not include food/accommodation)

(For U.S. participants, your strong American dollar will provide you with a significant discount!)

Limited number of scholarships available

To register and for more information please email