Traveling on an Indian Highway – a metaphor for how to live Life?

I’m in a cab on an Indian highway, where the driver weaves in and out of lines of cars, often coming head-on with opposing  lanes of traffic, shifting back to his assigned side within a mere 2 or 3 seconds of potential impact with on oncoming car or motorbike (the bikes often carrying families of 3 or 4)!

This time around in India – after an 8 year absence- I find myself flowing with the seeming chaotic madness much more easily, and at the same time being quite aware of the fragility of it all.

Things just seem to have a design to them and I’m realizing that Indian roads can be taken as a metaphor for how to live LIFE: What is around each corner is a complete unknown and if I think about it too much, I’ll only get myself into trouble!  Living Life or Traveling an Indian Highway: FEEL the FLOW of the traffic, Use the Horn (only when required please 🙂 ) and above all else, DON’T HESITATE!