3 Reasons to Not do Kirtan…

If you enjoy feeling separate, being worried and preoccupied with getting things done, and/or incessant thinking, here are 3 reasons NOT to attend Kirtan:

1. Your identification as a separate being may become compromised. There is a high chance of realizing your connection to the others in the room and possibly the entire universe.

2. There will likely be an experience of “All Being Well”, thus resulting in lessening your focus on your “To-Do List” and concerns (big and small) in your life.

3. Participating in Kirtan will likely reduce the number of thoughts in your head. It is highly probable that you will experience space between thoughts thus resulting in an increased chance of experiencing Infinite Beingness.

-this message brought to you by the Divine Intervention Council of Perfectly Imperfect BEingness


Jai Ram!!