“Lighting Up the Northeast…” Article by Alan DiPerna


from Bright Star Live Events April Newsletter

The gifted Canadian mantra singer and guitarist Brenda McMorrow’s tour of the Northeast got off to a rousing start with a performance in Buffalo, New York, on March 31st, followed by appearances in Ithaca and Saratoga Springs, NY. Audiences have been responding enthusiastically to her joyous approach to Sanskrit chant traditions, which combines folk music intimacy, soaring vocals, and a groove-centric bhakti beat.

“The vibe that we’ve encountered on these first stops is amazing,” she says. “It feels like this scene is just opening more and more. These are new markets for me. And it’s awesome to be so warmly welcomed.”

Accompanying Brenda on the tour is percussionist Morgan Doctor. Throughout this tour, the duo will provide live musical accompaniment for yoga classes, as well as full-on kirtans combining music from Brenda’s two superb White Swan albums Ameya and Love Abounds with some brand new compositions.

“Morgan is one of my favorite percussionists,” Brenda notes. “She’s an amazing drummer and she records a lot of really fascinating ambient soundscape kind of music. We’re planning to do an album together which merges her kind of music and mine. People are really excited about that idea. The live music we’re doing for yoga classes is all improvisational, and that’s giving us some great ideas and inspiration for the album.”

Following her tour of the Northeast, Brenda will move on to kirtans and festival performances in Italy, Germany, Spain, Italy and Costa Rica, but will return to the United States for an appearance at Bhakti Fest Midwest on June 29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

To sample the loving mood of Brenda’s kirtans and her mindful outlook on the music, check out her new video “The Bhakti Yoga Practice of Kirtan.”