Guest Blog Entry by Jim Wywrot

I asked Brenda if I can guest write on her blog. If you are reading this I guess she said okay 😉 I myself have been guilty of stretching the next entry on our own blog — ( Okay, shameless self promotion. Right now I am listening to Brenda and Allison and Rob, reading her blog and just wanted to add my appreciation.

What a freakin’ awesome treat to listen to Brenda on MySpace. Really, you have no idea. I was living outside of London and couldn’t get cable and had to rely on a mobile connection card. This meant I couldn’t go to Myspace and just listen to Brenda. And her latest album wasnt out yet. Well I could listen, but I was like Woody Allen in Annie Hall. You know the scene. He is riding in a cab with Dianne Keaton and he says “You’re so beautiful I can barely keep my eyes on the meter”. That was me. Watching the megabyte counter clicking along as I listened to Shante Prashante.

Anyways to make a long story marginally shorter I just moved to Port Stanley and … wait for it …. I got broadband cable! Yeah. I know. Ya. It’s a real small cottage. But I look over Lake Erie and can listen to Shante Prashante or Govinda Gopala on her MySpace page. Have I died and gone to heaven or is it just a dream? I don’t know but don’t pinch me,… just in case.

Okay what else? Oh yeah the only thing that comes close is Kirtan at the Lotus Centre. Okay another shameless self promotion. But really. What can be more fun than Kirtan, especially there? Warm inviting space. Brenda taking us all on a musical roller coaster ride. Maddie dancing. Alisons rocking the harmonium — and her crazy quick wit between songs. Rob driving the beat. Body surfing in the mosh pit. Okay I made that last part up.

So Brenda how about a few more Youtubes of Kirtan? Us kirtan junkies have to have to something between your gigs. At least until they come out with a 12 steps program. Or maybe some kind of “Kirtan patch”. And for anyone who hasnt done so listen to her stuff on her MySpace – or better yet get her albums on iTunes. As for me I am totally waiting for the next album. How about one recorded live? Call it Live at The Lotus Centre. It’s a got the makings of a good album name.

Totally Namaste,