Brenda and Debbie Danbrook are David Darling’s guests on May 10!

Sacred Wisdom Centre presents:

David Darling

in Guelph Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

9:00am-4:30pm at Harcourt United Church

Music for People Workshop

Music For People workshops sometimes called “Finding Your Long Lost Musician” and at other times “Music for Self Expression” are energetic, physical and humorous experiences that are absolutely open to all, no matter what previous music background. A participant can be a total novice or a professional musician. All instruments and singing styles are welcomed. A piano and percussion instruments will be provided although we encourage everyone to bring their own instruments. Electric instruments are also welcomed and those playing guitars and electric pianos should bring amps.

The nature of the workshop is to play and improvise in small ensembles and for the most part the entire workshop presents how easy it is to become a musician who listens deeper, hears deeper and discovers ways to play with others in an easy way. $85.00 incl. H.S.T.

May 10th, 2011 7:30pm-9:30pm at Harcourt United Church

Solo Cello and Voice Concert

David Darling (with Canadian artists Brenda McMorrow and Debbie Danbrook)

The concert features music from many genres including jazz, classical, ethnic, folk songs and contemporary to avant-garde improvisations. David invites the audience to participate from time to time and the cello and voice are both amplified and acoustic. $20.00 incl. H.S.T.

To pay on line: or by cheque to Sacred Wisdom Centre, 304 Stone Rd., W., suite 529, Guelph, ON N1G 4W4. For information contact:

Upcoming Kirtans, Retreats, Festivals across North America and Europe

BUFFALO, NY – Shakti Yoga Fri, April 22 Kirtan with Brenda and special guests: Morgan Doctor and Shannon Kingsbury

GUELPH, ON – Living Yoga Sat, April 30 Kirtan with Brenda (w/ Shannon Kingsbury, Jesse Turton and Shara Claire)

LONDON, ON  ~ Yoga Shack, Thursday, MAY 5 (Dave Stringer Kirtan featuring Brenda McMorrow)

TORONTO, ON – Yoga Sanctuary (College), Friday, MAY 6  (Dave Stringer Kirtan featuring Brenda McMorrow and Swaha)

OTTAWA, ON – Pranashanti Yoga, Saturday, MAY 7 (Dave Stringer Kirtan featuring Brenda McMorrow)

MONTREAL, QC  – MAY 8 ~ Naada Yoga, Sunday, MAY 8 (Dave Stringer Kirtan featuring Brenda McMorrow)

GUELPH, ON – Harcourt United Church Tues, May 10 Brenda will be accompanying Grammy Award winning cellist and vocalist David Darling (w/ Debbie Danbrook on Shakuhachi flute) Presented by Sacred Wisdom Centre

WOLFE ISLAND, ON – Shanti Retreat May 20-23 (Victoria Day Long Weekend)
“A Weekend of Bhakti – Chant and Yoga Retreat” with Brenda and Yoga Instructors/Hosts Wendy and Darin Madore.

BOULDER, COLORADO – Hanuman Festival – Yoga and Music Expo June 16-19 featuring MC Yogi, Donna DeLory, Suzanne Sterling, Desert Dwellers and more… White Swan Records 20th anniversary celebration!

LONDON, ONTARIO – Summer Solstice Celebration  Benefit for Easter Seals – June 21  Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

ALGONQUIN PARK, ON – Northern Edge Algonquin June 30- July 3 Bhakti Yoga Retreat w/ Brenda &  Yogini Wendy Martin

BRESCIA, ITALY – Studio Yoga Associato Hari Om Tues, July 19 Kirtan w/ Brenda, Philippo Franchini and more…

ALESSANDRIA, ITALY – Bliss Beat Yoga and Music Festival July 21-24 4 day Kirtan Festival featuring Jai Uttal, Donna DeLory, Wah, David Newman and Mira, Girish, MC Yogi, Jaya Lakshmi and Dave Stringer

BAD STAFFELSTEIN, GERMANY – Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival August 26-28 Featuring Prem Joshua, Satyaa & Pari, Sathya & Liliana and David Newman

JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA – Bhakti Fest September 8-11 featuring Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Bhagavan Das, Gaura Vani, Michael Cohen, Wah! and many, more…

SEDONA, ARIZONA – Presented by Bhakti Tribe – Fri September 16 Kirtan with Brenda and special guests…

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Details TBA, Wed., September 21…

VICTORIA, B.C. – Church of Truth Fri, September 23 Full Circle Studio Arts presents Brenda in concert

TORONTO, ON – Yoga Sanctuary – College St., November 18…details TBA

Dave Stringer Tours Central Canada – Featuring Brenda McMorrow

Join Dave (w/ special guest Brenda McMorrow) at one of the following events across Central Canada. Joining Dave and Brenda will be Morgan Doctor on percussion and Chris Gartner on bass. Swaha will join the festivities for the Toronto date!

MAY 5 ~ LONDON, ON (Kirtan)

MAY 6 ~ TORONTO, ON (Teacher Training)

MAY 6 ~ TORONTO, ON (Kirtan)

MAY 7 ~ OTTAWA, ON (Kirtan)

MAY 8 ~ OTTAWA, ON (Inner Musician Workshop)

MAY 8 ~ MONTREAL, QC (Kirtan)

A Beautiful Weekend of Community and Kirtan at the Lotus Centre in London, Ontario. April 2/3

Veggie Potluck
Saturday, April 2nd
6 – 7:30pm

Lotus Centre – 140 Ann St., London, ON

Come and share your new recipes with new people!
This is an exciting way to foster holistic community and food consciousness. All food should be vegan – no egg, dairy or animal products. Raw recipes are welcome!

Please bring your own plate and utensils as this is an environmentally friendly event.

Hosted by the Lotus Centre and Suzanne Frenette (

The Veggie Potluck will be held just before the Kirtan with Brenda McMorrow

Kirtan with Brenda McMorrow
Saturday, April 2nd
7:30 – 9:30pm

Lotus Centre – 140 Ann St., London, ON

Brenda returns with her beloved band members, Allison Menegoni and Robert Menegoni, to share a blessed night of chanting! This will be one of the few opportunities to chant with Brenda in London this year as she will be traveling to events and festivals in Italy, Germany, Colorado, California, B.C. and beyond!

Kirtan, a practice of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Devotion), is a call and response form of singing which is expanding throughout North America as westerners discover it’s uplifting, healing and joyous effects. Open to participants of all religions or no religion at all, Kirtan is easy to learn and participate in. The lead singer sings simple and beautiful melodies and the crowd responds either by memory or by using lyric sheets provided. Brenda explains, “Singing together– chanting the Divine names – encourages our hearts to open and the beauty of our true beings to shine!”.
To learn more about Brenda, visit

Cost: $15 + tax in advance
$18 + tax at the door

Call 519-642-2378 to register

Opening to Your Divine Life through Chanting & Yoga
with Brenda McMorrow & Laura O’Connor
Sunday, April 3rd
1 – 4pm

Lotus Centre – 140 Ann St., London, ON

A very special workshop that will focus on how chanting serves to enhance and support the practice of yoga and life!
Open to beginners and seasoned chanters/yogis alike. Through asana and song, we will explore the deep connection between our worldly experience and the divine. We will delve into areas such as: creating and allowing abundance; the balancing of masculine and feminine energies; removal of obstacles; and flowing easily with transformation and change in our lives. Come prepared for a heart-opening afternoon of learning and sharing, gentle movement and sacred sound.
Learn more about Brenda at

Cost: $40 + tax
Save $5 if attending Saturday’s Kirtan!
Spaces are limited. Please register early.

Call 519-642-2378 to register

Interview with Brenda on Spiritual Help Desk Radio

Click here for Brenda’s:

Spiritual Help Desk Radio Interview

with Barbara Andrew

– Brenda shares about her journey to Kirtan, what Kirtan is and her upcoming tour schedule which takes her to Italy, Germany, California, British Columbia and beyond!

Visit the SPIRITUAL HELP DESK website

A Weekend of Bhakti! Chant & Yoga Retreat – May 20-23, 2011, Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, Ontario

A Weekend of Bhakti! Chant and Yoga Retreat

with Brenda and Yoga Instructors/Hosts Wendy & Darin Madore

at Shanti Retreat, Wolfe Island, ON (Kingston area)

Brenda McMorrow, Wendy and Darin Madore

A beautiful way to spend the Victoria Day Long weekend (2 evening or 3 evening as well as non-residential options available)

This heart-opening retreat will explore the sacred, healing sounds of ancient mantra and the joyous singing of Kirtan (a practice of devotional or Bhakti Yoga). Designed for those who would love to experience and learn more about the practice of Kirtan, we warmly welcome beginners and those looking to deepen their current chanting practice.

Shanti Retreat Waterfront

The weekend will consist of daily yoga classes, led by Wendy and Darin, meditation, in-depth afternoon chant workshops and special evening Kirtan concerts led by Brenda McMorrow and friends. Delicious vegetarian meals will be served and there will be free time to relax and enjoy the beautiful waterfront setting of Shanti. Yoga and meditation classes will be suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

All scheduled activities are completely optional.

Devotional Chant artist, Brenda McMorrow travels worldwide sharing her special approach to the joyous, ancient practice of Kirtan. Brenda has a diverse musical career spanning 20 years, and a deep devotion to the unveiling and celebration of our true beings through the power of sound. She is a featured artist on the White Swan Records roster, a Colorado label well known for its high-profile yoga-inspired artists like Deva Premal and has been invited to Bhakti festivals and events in the U.S., Canada, Italy and Germany as part of her 2011 tour schedule. Brenda calls beautiful Guelph, Ontario home.

Main Yoga/Kirtan room at Shanti

Weekend Schedule


Arrival anytime after 2pm

5-6:30pm – hatha yoga

6:45pm – dinner

8:15pm – Kirtan


Early morning tea, coffee, fruit and trail mix available

8:30-10:30 am – yoga and meditation

10:45am – brunch


1pm-4:30pm – Chant Workshop (followed by light snacks)

6:30pm – dinner

8pm – Kirtan


Early morning tea, coffee, fruit, and trail mix available

7:30am – silent walk

8:30-10:30am yoga

10:45am – brunch

Noon-3:30pm – Chant Workshop (followed by light snacks)

Optional three night stay option (Sunday evening)

6:30pm – dinner

8pm – Mantra Meditation with Brenda


Early morning tea, coffee, fruit, and trail mix available

8:30-10:30 – yoga with live music

10:45 – brunch

Early afternoon departure

Retreat Rate

– All inclusive 2 night option (Fri.- Sun. afternoon) – $300.00 plus HST ($39) $339.00 pp

– All inclusive 3 night option (Fri. – Mon.) – $400.00 plus HST ($52) $452.00 pp

Non-Residential Rate

– Saturday and Sunday afternoon Chant workshops only – $100.00 plus HST ($13) $113.00 for both sessions

– Saturday afternoon Chant workshop, dinner, and evening Kirtan plus Sunday afternoon Chant workshop – $150.00 plus HST ($19.50) $169.50 pp

To register, please contact Wendy or Darin by telephone or e-mail: (613) 385-9912

Live Kirtan with Brenda McMorrow, Allison and Rob Menegoni

Enlightenment Intensive – March 3 – 7 – Dancing Creek in Vienna, Ontario

After 7 years attending and staffing Intensives, and completing the Masters’ Training course in California last year, I am thrilled and honoured to be offering my first Enlightenment Intensive this March! As is the tradition, my first Intensive will be offered “at cost”, so the price is definitely right! ($300 + HST)

I have seen such magnificent things happen for myself and others on E.I.’s; it is the most powerful and transformative process that I have discovered and I am so pleased to invite you to come and experience it with me!


Enlightenment Intensive
March 3 – March 7, 2011

Dancing Creek Retreat

Vienna, Ontario

Facilitated by Brenda McMorrow

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
– Ramana Maharshi

The Enlightenment Intensive is a highly focused and self-empowering process that combines an Eastern style “Who Am I?” contemplation with a communication structure found in various Western methods of psychology. There is no dogma or belief system taught on an Intensive. You discover the truth for yourself through direct experience.


A direct experience of your true nature occurs in a timeless instant, is undeniable and is accompanied by a deep, abiding sense of peace. In that moment of knowing, a profound union occurs. A direct experience with the true nature of one’s self is not reserved only for a select few. It is available to all. To give yourself the opportunity to experience this will likely be one of the greatest gifts of your lifetime!

“As we awaken we discover that we are not limited by who we think we are. All the stories we tell ourselves – the judgments, the problems, the whole identity of the small self, the ‘body of fear’–can be released in a moment, and a timeless sense of grace and liberation can open for us.” – Jack Kornfield

In addition to the contemplation/communication structure (called a “dyad”), each day will consist of periods of sitting and walking contemplations, exercise and rest time. You will be reminded to stay with your contemplation; the schedule is highly structured and clear, and the staff is there to take care of your needs so that you can completely immerse yourself in your self-inquiry.

This Intensive is being offered at cost: $300 + HST will cover food and shared accommodation.
A $125 non-refundable deposit is required by February 8, 2011 to ensure your space.

There is much more that can be shared about the Enlightenment Intensive. You are invited to e-mail Brenda at if you have any questions. A very informative website recommended to visit is:

About Brenda…

Brenda attended her first Enlightenment Intensive in 2003.
For the seven years since then Brenda has been involved in
staffing and attending Intensives, as well as completing
the Enlightenment Intensive Master’s training course.
She is grateful for the loving guidance of her teachers:
Russel Scott, Yoah Wexler, Edrid and Osha Reader.

Dancing Creek main house (accommodation and meals)

Dancing Creek Retreat - workshop/meeting building

White Swan Wednesdays – Download the song “Ek Ong Kar” from my album “Love Abounds” for free until Jan. 25!

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Full Lotus Kirtan Show interview w/ Brenda about “Love Abounds”, the Bhakti Yoga journey and more…



To listen, click here: Full Lotus Kirtan Radio Interview with Brenda McMorrow