Re:Vision – A Season Song Cycle w/ Penn Kemp, Brenda McMorrow & Pals at Aeolian Hall, London, Sat. August 15



Re:Vision - A Seasonal Song Cycle with Penn Kemp and Brenda McMorrow

Re:Vision - A Seasonal Song Cycle with Penn Kemp and Brenda McMorrow



Press Release:

Saturday, August 15, 2009, 8 pm. An Aeolian Summer Soirée Festival Event

Re:Vision, a seasonal song cycle of Penn Kemp’s Ecco Poetry with musician and composer Brenda McMorrow; dancer Ruth Douthwright; drummer Rob Menegoni; second voice Anne Anglin; electroacoustic composers John Magyar and Chris Meloche. We invite you to join us in a participatory performance that will raise the roof of the beloved Aeolian and reverberate through realms of possibility… Come celebrate our MotherWorld in sound and song! This evening will be recorded for a forthcoming Pendas CD, Spinning Possibilities.
The Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas St. E., London. Contact and more info: 519 672 7950,, 

Anne Anglin is a Dora Award winning actor and director. This year, she directed Bill Gilliam’s radio drama/new music concert at the Music Gallery in Toronto. She has directed and performed in many Sound Operas with Penn since their first production, Trance Dance Form, in 1976.

Ruth Douthwright is a contemporary dancer originally from London. She performs and choreographs with companies and producers worldwide, including L’Inattendue Compagnie (Belgium), Frey Faust’s Ardent Body Communications Dance Company, Florence Figols, Sarah Bild (Montreal) and Noh Theatre- Kyoto Arts Center.

Penn Kemp is Western’s writer-in-residence for 2009-10. Since Coach House Press published her first book in 1972, Penn has been pushing textual and aural boundaries, often in participatory performance work. Among her publications are twenty five books of poetry and drama, ten CDs of Sound Opera and several video poems.

John Magyar is a recording engineer, producer and long-time collaborator on most of Penn’s CDs and Sound Operas, starting with What the Ear Hears Last in 1999.

Brenda McMorrow, our Devotional Chant artist, began her musical career as a singer/ songwriter, co-founding the London folk/rock band, Julia Propeller. Brenda’s rich musical exploration led her from folk to jazz and now, in her debut Kirtan album, Ameya, to her unique blend of original melodies, world beats and sacred chants from India.

Chris Meloche is an electroacoustic composer and radio show host/producer of Wired for Sound on CHRW. His most recent project, Communication Breakdown, is a spoken word multi-media alt.opera.

Robert Menegoni has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, touring with many different artists. Robert plays percussion with Barenaked Ladies and recently has performed Kirtan with Brenda McMorrow, Lila, and Todd Norian.

Healing Practice of Mantra & Chant Workshop July 12 in Guelph

lotus circle

Sunday, July 12, 2009, 1-4, Meadowview Shala, Guelph
Join Yoga Teacher/Chant EnthusiastMelina Bondy & Devotional Chant artistBrenda McMorrow in this very special workshop where we will explore the mind-body-spirit connection between asana postures, the sacred sounds of mantra and the joyous singing of kirtan (a practice of devotional, or Bhakti, Yoga.) Open to people interested in singing (no experience necessary), meditation, yoga, sound healing and anyone wanting to have fun!  

Come wearing comfortable clothing that allows for simple yoga postures, a water bottle and a willingness to try something new! 
And…there will be a community vegetarian potluck and satsang beginning at 5:30, all are welcome to attend!

DATE: Sunday, July 12

TIME: 1-4 pm
LOCATION: Meadowview Shala, 
41 Meadowview Ave., Guelph, Ontario

DONATION:  $40-$20 (to ensure that everyone interested in this event can attend, we’ve implemented a sliding scale)



To register and more information please contact:



Pre-Kirtan Love-In with Louetta May!


Me and Louetta May!

Me and Louetta May!

Soundcheck at Guelph Little Theatre


photo by Jill Deevy

Benefit Concert for Sue Richards w/ Harry Manx, Tannis Slimmon & more!

Saturday night’s benefit concert for Sue Richards was the magical and unforgettable evening that I knew it would be! What a true blessing to be part of such a spectacularly talented and heart centered group of performers! Here are a few pics!

Updating Kirtan for the 21st Century by Duncan Day-Myron, The Ontarion

Thank you Duncan, for this article!!

Kirtan in London – Om Namah Shivaya!!

Wow, what a sweet night in London. Yet again, our London friends opened their hearts and voices in such beautiful ways!

Brenda McMorrow w/ Robert Menegoni and Allison Menegoni

Brenda McMorrow w/ Robert Menegoni and Allison Menegoni

Kirtan in London – Sri Ram!

Robert Menegoni holdin’ it down at the Lotus Centre!

Robert Menegoni

Lovely review of “Ameya” in April’s LA YOGA Magazine

From April, ’09 LA YOGA CD reveiw of “Ameya”:

“With Ameya, McMorrow delivers a vibrant folky approach to kirtan (devotional chanting). I really respect and enjoyed her authentic inflections and her graceful song-writing skills. Her beautiful voice is accompanied with rhythmic strokes from a guitar and assisted by highly skilled harmonies that would be really interesting to hear live. I really have to emphasize this aspect of McMorrow’s performance on this album. The harmonies are excellent. McMorrow has a Natalie Merchant type of singing style, and the music is roots oriented. In this regard, the tunes are not fronted with the classic harmonium, but with an acoustic guitar, which works well within the constructs of her work.

The album is very consistent and does not throw any odd surprises into the continuum of songs, which is good. Ameya has a heterogeneous flow to it, and it works well for what McMorrow is putting out there. The record does work and the energy is sweet, which is most likely the result of working with Ben Leinbach, who is one of the finest spiritual music producers in the business. I recommend this album for chanting enthusiasts. This album will work really well for Yoga classes too. Though it isn’t necessarily kundalini-based, the songs here certainly feel influenced by that pull.”



– Michael R. Mollura is a writer, music composer, and event promoter who is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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Thank you Studio Angels D.I. and A.I.!

I have much heartfelt gratitude to my two Studio Angels D.I. and A.I. whose contribution toward my new record went towards some time on our funky, groovy remix version of Narayana! Your multidimensional support in bringing this music out into the world is invaluable! Can’t wait to share this with you!!