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Live Music Yoga Class in Milan, Italy – March 6!

Emy Berti  and Brenda will be providing the music while Anna Inferrera teaches!

BE Yoga 02-5465590


Amazing, Fun new “Perks” for your contributions – 6 days left in album fundraising campaign!

I am humbled and thrilled by the wonderful support that has been flowing into the Indiegogo Album Fundraising campaign over the last few weeks! We have one week left to reach our goal and I’m excited at the energy that I’m feeling that is making it possible!!
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Indiegogo Album Fundraising Campaign is finished – You can still contribute to the album creation!

Dear Friends, Wow, what an amazing album fundraising campaign this has been! We raised over $19,000 towards the albums creation and I am so very grateful! Folks are still wondering how they can get involved and here is how:

All the perks that are listed on my indiegogo site are still available and all you need to do is send an e-mail to: and we will give you the information about how to contribute!

All money raised will go towards the costs of promoting the new album (Publicists, Music Videos, Touring etc.)

Here is a lovely letter written by some wonderful supporters:

We’ve been blessed, (and blissed!), by Brenda McMorrow and her music, and consider our contribution to her next CD as an investment in the development of “sacred humans”  who inhabit this Earth.
We invite others to consider the Indiegogo campaign as an opportunity to co-create a sound current that will inspire, nourish and bless individuals and communities in our ripening age.
Your gift will enable the Beauty of Brenda’s music to create the change we all wish to see in the world, and ask that you allow your giving to be whole-hearted, enthusiastic, and generous.
Thank you, and shine on!

Momentum Group Inc,
London, Canada



Some short peeks into new songs that are being considered for the new album! 

(filmed during Bhakti Bliss at Kripalu this past 

New Year’s Eve)

Maha Lakshmi - Help support the Creation of Brenda McMorrow's new album!

Maha Lakshmi

Brenda McMorrow at Kripalu - Ganapati


…and please enjoy the video my latest Single release from White Swan Records!

Hanuman Chalisa (Windblown Version) 

by Brenda McMorrow (Official Music Video)

More about the Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign!

Brenda McMorrow's Indiegogo Album Fundraiser

Brenda McMorrow’s Indiegogo Album Fundraiser

We are living in truly transformational times. The concept of “crowd funding”, in which groups of people come together to bring something they love into being, is remarkable and one of the new ways of creating art, inspiration and social change.

If you would love to get involved, there are a variety of levels of support that you can take part in, with special gifts for you associated with each one! (All the support levels will receive a download on the day of contribution for my brand new “Hanuman Chalisa” single!)

The healing, uplifting, transformative effect of Kirtan music is powerful and just what the world needs right now!

Any way in which you can share this campaign with friends (through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc.) would be wonderful!  Your participation in bringing more of this music into being is deeply appreciated!

Campaign Website:

As always, thank you..

Bright Star

Brenda’s Web-SiteBright Star Live Events




A blessed evening with Snatam Kaur and David Newman

I’m revelling in the blessings that are abounding, like having the opportunity to sing with two magical inspirations on my devotional music path – Snatam Kaur and David Newman!ImageIn Boulder, Co, February 2, 2013 with Philippo Franchini, Snatam Kaur, Brenda McMorrow, Emy Berti, David Newman and Ramesh KannanImageSinging “Long Time Sun” with Snatam Kaur. Pure Bliss.

White Swan Records Press Release for new single “Hanuman Chalisa – Windblown Version”

Devotional Singer-Songwriter Brenda McMorrow Raps the Hanuman Chalisa, Acoustic-Style

McMorrow’s inspired interpretation of the epic verse offers a fresh take on this integral piece of Hindu mythology.

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Quote startThere seems to be an instant joy and peace that occurs for people when singing this hymn in it’s many versions. It seems to have a magical effect.Quote end

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

The Hanuman Chalisa (a 40-verse Sanskrit hymn to the Monkey God, Hanuman) is an epic verse in Hindu mythology, and is one of the most widely performed pieces in the genre of kirtan (devotional “call and response” chants). While the song has been played in many different styles by many different artists, perhaps none have done it with the same charm and pure vibrant energy as Brenda McMorrow, a favorite performer in the burgeoning yoga music scene. Her take on this revered chant, titled “Hanuman Chalisa (Windblown Version),” will be released in digital single and video format on January 15th, 2013, by White Swan Records.

In recent years, McMorrow’s rich and diverse musical career, spanning folk, jazz and bluegrass, has become focused on the spiritual power of sound and, in particular kirtan. Her singer-songwriter background gives her a unique approach to these sacred chants, and has led to collaborations with such celebrated kirtan artists as Jai Uttal, David Newman and Dave Stringer, as well as Grammy-winning cellist David Darling. She has performed at the massively popular Bhakti Fest gatherings and at the Hanuman Festival in Boulder. An inexhaustible touring artist, McMorrow has shared her vibrant blend of folk-inspired melodies, world beats and Sanskrit-inspired chant on theater and festival stages across North America and large swaths of Europe. When not on the road, she resides in Guelph, Ontario. McMorrow is a featured artist onWhite Swan Records — the Colorado-based label well-known for its roster of high-profile, yoga-inspired artists like Deva Premal, Donna De Lory and MC Yogi – and with them has released two recordings (both produced by Ben Leinbach), AMEYA and LOVE ABOUNDS.

After hearing the Hanuman Chalisa performed by such notable kirtan artists as Krishna Das and David (Durga Das) Newman, McMorrow embarked on the joyful task of teaching herself the chant’s 40 verses. It was coming along slowly but sweetly, until one day, during a break in her 2011 European summer tour, she found herself rapping this “windblown” version of the song. According to McMorrow, “There seems to be an instant joy and peace that occurs for people when singing this hymn in it’s many versions. It seems to have a magical effect. I know it does for me.” But she was pleasantly surprised by the reception to her higher energy rendition. “The buzz and energy in the crowd is something to behold! Much dancing always ensues!”

After thrilling audiences with her inspired interpretation for the rest of the summer and into the fall, McMorrow took to the studio to record the track, joined by Narada Wise on percussion, keyboards, programming and harmony vocals; Philippo Franchini on acoustic and electric guitar and electric sitar; Grammy-winner Jeff Ciampa on bass, and Beth Gatchell on harmony vocals. Produced by Narada Wise at Supervolcano Studios in North Canton, Ohio, the single was mixed and mastered by Ben Leinbach at Old Bull Studios in San Anselmo, California.    

In addition to the new recording, McMorrow teamed with Robert Kingsbury, a Canadian videographer living in France, to shoot a video of the single. It was filmed at Shakti Yoga in Buffalo, New York, and features Brenda McMorrow, Narada Wise, Beth Gatchell, Liz Abbott, Robert Kingsbury and the Divine Shakti Hanuman Dancers.

Kirtan (pronounced KEER-tahn) is a practice of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Devotion). It is a participatory, call and response form of singing which is expanding throughout North America as westerners discover its uplifting, healing and joyous effects. Open to participants of all religions or no religion at all, kirtan is easy to learn and all are invited to participate. The lead singer sings simple and beautiful melodies and the crowd responds either by memory or by using lyric sheets provided. Venues for these gatherings include yoga studios, performance halls, churches, private homes and outdoor festivals; anywhere people love to congregate and share heart-opening music.

It was when Brenda participated in her first kirtan, while attending a yoga workshop in 2004, that she had the profound epiphany that her musical journey was leading her to places more expansive and heart-opening than she had ever imagined. Brenda remembers: “It was a very simple chant (Om Namah Shivaya), and at the time I had no idea what it signified: all I knew was that every cell in my body started vibrating, and I felt absolute joy”. While in India soon thereafter, Brenda began combining her own songwriting with ancient Sanskrit chants – and she has been flowing with this divine wave of Bhakti energy ever since.

As for why Brenda felt so drawn to the Hanuman Chalisa, McMorrow explains that “singing to Hanuman can help us remember who we really are: One with the Divine. Hanuman is a reminder that truly all we need to do is to serve and love one another. Singing together– chanting the Divine names – encourages our hearts to open and the beauty of our true beings to shine.”

Goddess Intoxication Workshop in Cleveland May 31 & June 1

Goddess Intoxicatio Workshop in Cleveland

Bhakti Bliss New Year’s Retreat at Kripalu with David Newman, Sean Johnson and Brenda McMorrow


Kirtan in Mexico! October 26, 27, 28, 2012

ImageI’m so pleased to be traveling to beautiful Mexico with John de Kadt to share workshops and kirtans with the beautiful souls in Leon, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta!

Autumn Tour: OH, UT, AZ, CA, ON, MN, IL, MA, CT, CO, NY, Mexico, ON, Costa Rica



Sweet Friends!

I hope you can join us somewhere along this wonderful Bhakti Path!

Sept. 22
Mudita Yoga

w/ Narada Wise



Sept. 23
Mudita Yoga



Sept. 27
Southwest Herb and Garden
w/ Alan DiPerna and Daniel Hirtz



September 28
7 Centers
w/ Alan DiPerna and Daniel Hirtz


Sept. 29
Bhakti Yoga Shala,
w/ Philippo Franchini and Clayton Campbell


Sept. 30
Soul of Yoga
w/ Philippo Franchini and Clayton Campbell


Oct. 5
Shakti Yoga
w/ Narada Wise and Liz Abbott


Oct. 6
Plasha Yoga
w/ Narada Wise


Oct. 12
Four Gates
With Sitara, Kalyani and Pavan Kumar


Oct. 13
Yoga Now
w/ Narada Wise


Oct. 18
Hartford Seminary,
w/ John de Kadt and David Darling


Oct. 19
House Concert,
w/ John de Kadt



Oct. 20
Boston Yoga and Chant Fest,
W/ John de Kadt, Adam Bauer and Charlie Braun
GuruGanesha Singh, David Newman, Donna DeLory, Gaura Vani, Wah!, Girish and many more…


Oct. 21
Yoga Mandali,
w/ John de Kadt



Oct. 23-24

Details TBA shortly!


Oct. 25-28
w/ John de Kadt


Nov. 2
Harmony in Life
w/ Narada Wise


Nov. 8
Yoga Place,
w/ Narada Wise



Nov. 10
Double Rainbow Ranch
w/ Narada Wise


Nov 11
Kindness Yoga
w/ Narada Wise


Nov 17
The Studio,
w/ Narada Wise, Beth Gatchell





w/ Allison Menegoni, Rob Menegoni, Narada Wise, Jesse Turton
(details TBA. Save the date!)

Nov. 24
Downward Dog,
w/ Lana Sugarman, Ian MacKay, Lisette St. Louis…


Nov. 30
Sukha Yoga
w/ Shannon Kingsbury, Jesse Turton and Adam Bowman


Dec. 1
Moksha Yoga
w/ Shannon Kingsbury and Adam Bowman


Dec. 9-16
Rain Forest Rhythm and Song Retreat
w/ John de Kadt
Espiritu Salvaje,


Dec. 27- Jan. 1
Bhakti Bliss Retreat
w/ David Newman and Sean Johnson
(and Narada Wise, Adam Bauer…)


September-December 2012 – The Bhakti Travels continue!

I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given for sharing music with so many people around the world. It’s such a blessing and sometimes I’m just in awe of my good fortune! There are so many souls that help to make this possible and to them (you!) I am so grateful!!

I’m thrilled to share with you my upcoming tour schedule and I truly hope that we will have an opportunity to sing together at one of these events very soon!!

August 29 Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA (Kirtan with Adam Bauer, Charlier Braun and Justin Green)

September 1 Summer of Love, Berkeley, ON (featuring sets by David Hickey, Dennis Gaumond and Gary Diggins)

September 21 Narada Wise’s Super Volcanoes CD Release, Merging Hearts, Canton OH (Kirtan Concert)

September 22 Mudita Yoga, Salt Lake City, Utah (Kirtan with Narada Wise and Leraine Horstmanshoff)

September 23 Mudita Yoga, Salt Lake City, Utah (Workshop with Narada Wise)

September 27 Southwest Herb and Garden, Phoenix, AZ (Kirtan with Alan DiPerna and Daniel Hirtz)

September 28 7 Centers, Sedona, AZ (Kirtan)

September 29 Bhakti Yoga Shala, Los Angeles, CA (Kirtan with Philippo Franchini and Clayton Campbell)

September 30 Encinitas, CA (Kirtan)

October 5 Shakti Yoga, Buffalo, NY (Kirtan with Narada Wise and Liz Abbot) 

October 6 Plasha Yoga, Erie, PA (Kirtan with Narada Wise)

October 12 Minneapolis, MN (Kirtan with Narada Wise)

October 13 Yoga Now, Chicago, IL (Kirtan with Narada Wise)

October 18 Hartford Seminary, Harford CT (Kirtan with John deKadt)

October 19 House Concert, Long Island, NY (Kirtan with John deKadt)

October 20 Boston Yoga and Chant Fest, Boston, NY (Kirtan with John deKadt and Adam Bauer)

October 21 Yoga Mandali, Saratoga Springs, NY (Kirtan with John deKadt)

October 25- 28 Guadalajara, Leon, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Kirtans and Workshops with John deKadt)

November 2 Harmony in Life, Sylvania, OH (Kirtan with Narada Wise)

November 8 Yoga Place, Canton, OH (Kirtan with Narada Wise)

November 9 Denver, CO (Kirtan)

November 10 Boulder, CO (Kirtan)

November 17 The Studio, Cleveland, OH (Kirtan with Narada Wise and Beth Gatchell)

November 18 Aeolian Hall, London, ON (Kirtan)

November 23 Sukha Yoga, Guelph, ON (Kirtan)

November 24 Downward Dog, Toronto, ON (Kirtan)

December 9-16 Espiritu Salvaje, Uvita, Costa Rica (Retreat with John deKadt)

December 27- January 1  Bhakti Bliss Retreat, Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA (with David Newman & Sean Johnson)

  Much Gratitude to those who support my musical journey:

prAna                    Bright Star