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JAI HANUMAN! A brand new, amazing PERK has just been added to my Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign!

Scroll down and see this new offering!!


“Brenda’s Windblown version of the Hanuman Chalisa is fast becoming a phenomenon in both India and the West! Join Brenda in making this special “remake” version video!
We need 10 featured performers to sing/rap specific verses of the Chalisa. We will send you the track, with words to learn and a music track (without the words) for you to listen to on earbuds while you sing/rap along and film! Film on your smart phone or video camera, send to us and our wonderful video editor Alyssa will create a wonderful video for us to share with the world!! ”

photo by Jennifer Mazzucco

Brenda’s Making a New Album! Join her Indiegogo Fundraising campaign!

Bhakti Fest West, September 2015 – Discounted Tickets Available through Me :-)

Bhakti Fest West! It is a joy to have been invited back again this year to share music with the thousands of beloveds who gather to celebrate love, connection, beautiful sound and beingness together! (Krishna Das, David Newman, Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Sean Johnson, Donna De Lory and many more will be there too!)

A limited number of discounted weekend passes are available through me!

A full weekend, four day pass could be yours for just $275!

In order for Bhakti Fest to be able to make the festival more sustainable, the producers have alloted a certain number of artist-release tickets to sell. The income from these sales then goes towards covering artists travel and lodging costs.

So, thank you in advance for your support by buying tickets through us!

Please contact

Brenda at Bhakti Fest Midwest, 2014 - photo by Mitchell Manz
Brenda at Bhakti Fest Midwest, 2014 – photo by Mitchell Manz
Brenda and band at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2014 - photo by Maie P. Jyoti
Brenda and band at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2014 – photo by Maie P. Jyoti

VARANASI, INDIA…beyond words…

I have just returned to North America after 4 powerful weeks in Mother India. Transformation, beauty, challenge, joy. Life goes technicolor in this land and I am so grateful for the opportunity to dig in…DEEP!


Just that day we were asked to sing before the evening Aarti at Tulsi Ghat in Varanasi. Little did we know that this would be the most enthusiastically participated in rendition of the Windblown Hanuman Chalisa – EVER! Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that we were playing right below Tulsi Das’ residence (the writer of the Hanuman Chalisa) IMG_2883

The Ganga in Varanasi.

This sacred body of water is worshipped as a Goddess.

It is an incredible thing to witness how people utilize this river for everything from offerings, pujas,  clothes washing, bathing, boating, selling, toileting to submerging the dead, to blessing and purifying themselves.IMG_2855

The beauty and wonder of humanity at ever turn here in Varanasi

11046917_10153101852384174_8363647087980825178_n 11034174_10153095397674174_5988769670356990329_n

To have the opportunity to participate along the banks of the Ganga in a puja to Lord Shiva, the Transformer, the Destroyer, he who assists us in letting go of all that no longer serves us, was a great blessing.

European Tour – December 12-19, 2014 AND January 16-25, 2015

European Tour

Brenda McMorrow with Rafa Martinez 

December 12



Geneva, Switzerland


December 13

11:00 – 13:30



Geneva, Switzerland


December 13

Evening Kirtan

Diwan Basel

Basel, Switzerland


December 14


Munich, Germany


December 16

Yoga Roof II

with Emy Berti, Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli

Lugano, Switzerland


December 17

Ananda Giri

With Emy Berti

Guardabosone, Italy



La Place du Village

with ORÂMA (Abel Millot,Isaèle Sôntgen, Angela May)

Marseille, France


January 16


Sergi: 34-670059477

with Ravi Ramoneda and Tara Walsh

Barcelona, Spain


January 23

Joogakoulu Shanti

Helsinki, Finland


January 24-25

 Yoga and Music festival Tallinn   

Salme Cultural Center

with Satyaa and Pari

Tallinn, Estonia




Rafa is a percussionist/vocalist from Barcelona who is joining me on my European tour. He is part of the band “Shaman Laika”, which was born with the intention to honor Mother earth and to serve the expansion of consciousness through ceremony, meditation, kirtan, bhajan, mantra, ethnic, world and ceremonial music; from love, for love and through love…

with Rafa Martinez and Matthias Roth, Zurich, May 2014

with Rafa Martinez and Matthias Roth, Zurich, May 2014

with Rafa Martinez, Ravi Ramoneda and Binod Katuwal in Barcelona, 2014

Bhakti Heart Fire! November 27–December 1, 2014, London, ON

50-hr Kirtan Academy: Bhakti Heart Fire 

DevaTree  School of Yoga – London, ON, Canada

Devotional Chant artist and teacher, Brenda McMorrow invites you to join her in taking a deep dive into everything Kirtan (a practice of Bhakti Yoga). Whether you have a desire to lead Kirtan, incorporate chant into your yoga practice or teachings, or simply receive its benefits in your own life, this immersion will guide you toward these goals.

Bhakti Heart Fire 2014

50-hr Cross-Disciplinary Chanting Immersion With Brenda McMorrow, B.Ed, RYT

At its most basic and universal level, Bhakti can be defined as an expression of love or devotion. Anyone who has experienced the spontaneous heart-expanding effects of chant understands that the Bhakti Bhav (mood) is a sweet, pure and expansive feeling not easily described in words. Like our physical yoga practice, devotional chanting has the power to create healing shifts in the body, mind and Spirit. Acting like a tuning fork for the entire system, chanting can help us clear blocked energy and open us up to the Universal frequency of compassion, expansion, trust, and love.

Experience the benefits of mantra repetition as applied to chanting and meditation, and learn common Sanskrit & yogic chants and their meanings. Participants will gain insight into traditional deities, stories, myths and practices, and their application to our modern lives.

Learn about the typical instruments used for Kirtan, and explore the possibilities of creative chant composition at your own comfort level.

No musical ability and/or training is required for this program, as all students will have opportunities to nurture their own unique chanting voice in a supportive atmosphere of like-hearted others.

Brenda’s personal stories, humor and revelations from her own path and worldwide travels light up these two weekends of brilliant Bhakti bliss!

Offered as a 5-day Intensive

$925 CAD + HST (Ontario Sales Tax)

PERU RETREAT! Oct. 26 – Nov. 1, 2014

Kirtan Retreat Banner for Website 1 - Blank

Kirtan, Yoga and Story in the Sacred Valley

Join John de Kadt and Brenda McMorrow with Katie Campbell for a magnificent week long journey into Peru. This retreat takes place in the Sacred Valley of the Andes Mountains and includes enlivening and enchanting daily yoga, kirtan and storytelling. We will be treated to delicious vegetarian food and cleansing juices, as well as unforgettable trips to sacred sites including Machu Picchu and beyond.

We will reside at the beautiful Illa Wasi Retreat Center, tucked into the Urubamba mountains with accommodations in traditional round Incan buildings. We will be near sacred ancient sites and Incan ruins including one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu.

This retreat will include Bhakti yoga chanting sessions with Brenda and John, evening Kirtan under the stars and storytelling that will weave a tapestry of ancient myths throughout the week. Each day Katie Campbell will offer a wonderful yoga class. We will be served delicious, fresh food grown naturally right here in the Valley and juicing can be a part of your daily experience if you wish. Together we will journey to these auspicious and powerful Incan ruins and sites as part of our cleansing, rejuvenating and inspiring week in the Peruvian Andes.

Various accommodations are available depending on your preference. $1950-$2400 all included other than airfare.

For More information please contact:

Eleonora: Aleya Journeys:




MUSIC REVIEW: Igniting The Beauty

Spirituality & Health Magazine

2014 March-April


John Malkin

Igniting the Beauty
Brenda McMorrow
White Swan Records

Brenda McMorrow played folk music in her 20s, but it wasn’t until 2004 that she was struck by the beauty and depth of devotional music. “A friend took me to a kirtan workshop. I didn’t know anything about it,” she told S&H. “My friend told me kirtan was a form of yoga and music.” McMorrow had done some yoga by that time but had focused on the physical health benefits of the practice. “There was one man with a guitar, singing mantras,” she remembers. “By the second song, I had the most profound knowing that this is what I was to do with my life. It was like a lightning bolt hit me. Never in my life had I experienced such a strong knowing about a direction to take. From that moment, I became focused on kirtan.”

That lightning bolt of discovery can be heard on McMorrow’s latest release, Igniting the Beauty. The album was produced by the well-established devotional music producer Ben Leinbach, who also adds guitars, drums, vocals, and bass to this uplifting and relaxing album of mantra music such as “Loka Samastha” and “Govinda Bolo.”

Indian guru Neem Karoli Baba first touched McMorrow’s spiritual path in 2008. She describes being visited by the deceased teacher a few years later, while playing at a festival in Italy. “It was almost like a darshan moment,” she told S&H. “I was filled with his presence, and it blew me away. From that moment on, he’s been in my heart. He’s been with me ever since.”

Traveling on an Indian Highway – a metaphor for how to live Life?

I’m in a cab on an Indian highway, where the driver weaves in and out of lines of cars, often coming head-on with opposing  lanes of traffic, shifting back to his assigned side within a mere 2 or 3 seconds of potential impact with on oncoming car or motorbike (the bikes often carrying families of 3 or 4)!

This time around in India – after an 8 year absence- I find myself flowing with the seeming chaotic madness much more easily, and at the same time being quite aware of the fragility of it all.

Things just seem to have a design to them and I’m realizing that Indian roads can be taken as a metaphor for how to live LIFE: What is around each corner is a complete unknown and if I think about it too much, I’ll only get myself into trouble!  Living Life or Traveling an Indian Highway: FEEL the FLOW of the traffic, Use the Horn (only when required please 🙂 ) and above all else, DON’T HESITATE!


Beautiful India – Scenes from a week in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(click on images for full view)Temple in Chennai

Temple in Chennai

Chennai Flower Market

Chennai Flower Market


Chennai Flower Market


Chennai Flower Market


Chennai Flower Market


Chennai Flower Market




John de Kadt looking at photos with some awesome kids


receiving a blessing at Maari Amma Temple, Chennai


Wedding Party, Chennai


Adventures on an Indian Subway


Street Scene Chennai


Women in beautiful sari’s everywhere



Crossing a busy street, Chennai






Our main mode of transportation. The Rickshaw